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Why AC Services Are Not DIY Appropriate

Different tools lined upThings are really going to be heating up around here over the course of the next few weeks, and that means that you are going to be relying on your air conditioning system a whole lot to keep yourself, your family, and guests in your home cool and comfortable. And that means that you’re going to need to have your AC tuned up sooner rather than later. It may also mean that you will require air conditioning repairs at some point this summer.

Whether it is routine maintenance or unexpected repair needs, the fact is that any air conditioning service must be completed by a trained, professional technician. Attempting to service your air conditioner on your own is a quick path toward serious operational problems. Do not allow your own DIY work ethic to cloud your judgment. Here are a few reasons why you always need professional AC services in Atlanta.

Why Put Down the Toolbox and Pick Up the Phone?

There are plenty of projects to handle around the house that you can busy yourself with. A truly responsible homeowner will recognize and differentiate between those that he or she can handle him or herself, and those that require professional skill and expertise. Here’s why AC services fall into the latter category.

  1. Diagnosing the problem. If you think that you have a problem with your air conditioning system, and you expect there to be just one issue that might cause that problem, think again. One of the toughest parts of servicing an air conditioning in crisis is determining what the actual problem is, because so many different issues may have similar symptoms.
  2. Damaging the system further. How far into a DIY project do you have to get before you admit that it is more than you can handle? A lot of people just dig their heels in deeper when things start to spiral, figuring that they’ve come far enough to justify going further. These are the people that wind up causing more damage to their systems.
  3. Hurting yourself. Air conditioners may be simple in theory, evaporating refrigerant and then condensing it to remove heat from homes and then release that heat outside. Servicing an air conditioner is anything but, though. With all of the moving parts, electrical components, etc., doing physical harm to oneself when attempting DIY AC services is a very real concern.
  4. Voiding warranties. Okay, so you’re finally ready to admit that you’re in a bit over your head. You slap the system back together as best you can and schedule professional services, thankful that your warranty is still in place. But it may not be. Warranties can be voided by allowing unqualified individuals to attempt to service your system—including homeowners themselves!
  5. Wasted time. The best-case scenario is usually that no one was hurt and that the system was not damaged further during the DIY attempt. Even supposing that you resolve the problem, though, was it worth your time? Watching instructional videos? Buying tools and materials you won’t need with any frequency? The trial and error?

Save time. Save money. Save your system. Save yourself from the follies of botched DIY attempts. Schedule your AC services with our team.