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Duct Cleaning & Repair

Improve Efficiency & Breathe Easier with Duct Cleaning & Repair in Atlanta, GA

Improve HVAC efficiency & the air you breathe in a single stroke.

Of all the things we clean on a regular basis—our clothes, our kitchen, our teeth—our home’s ductwork gets overlooked. Unlike the other rooms and systems in our home, we’re not always able to inspect and clean ducts on our own. Dirty ductwork recirculates harmful dust, pet dander, skin, and hair. It also makes your HVAC system work twice as hard and half as efficiently, raising your utility bills and lowering your comfort. Warped ductwork has similar drawbacks, allowing treated air to escape into the nooks and crannies of your home before it ever reaches you. Thankfully, both problems have the same solution—Premier Indoor Comfort Systems in Atlanta, GA.

As Metro Atlanta’s full-service HVAC and indoor air quality provider, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems puts a quarter century of experience to work. Our duct cleaning and duct repair services improve air quality and efficiency while extending equipment life spans and lowering bills. For a ductwork inspection today, contact Atlanta’s trusted HVAC company. Call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

Let our pros inspect, clean, & repair your ductwork today!

From higher utility bills to frequent allergy and asthma attacks, dirty or broken ducts take a toll. Enjoy cleaner air, better sleep, and lower bills by calling Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

The Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning should be a part of every home’s regular maintenance routine. Annual duct cleaning is one of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of dust and debris on air quality. If you’re looking to provide your family with a healthier living environment, air duct cleaning can do just that. Professional air duct cleaning services can offer a number of amazing benefits, including:

  • IMPROVED HVAC EFFICIENCY: Duct cleaning removes the regular buildup of dust and debris that happens over time. This is completely normal and happens for almost all duct systems. Even so, without regular cleaning, dust buildup can have a direct effect on your home’s energy efficiency. In some cases, ductwork that has not been cleaned can reduce the efficiency of your heating and AC system by up to 30% in as little as two years.
  • IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY: At the same time, dirty ductwork can have a negative impact on the air quality in your home. All that dust and debris can build up and eventually start to circulate in your house, regardless of the filtration and air cleaning system you have in place. This can have a negative impact on anybody in your home that suffers from allergies or asthma.
  • ELIMINATION OF DUST FROM YOUR HOME: Dust can build up in your duct system very easily and if there’s been a breach somewhere in the system, it can pull dust in from your crawlspace. A duct cleaning and repair session can clear that dust and keep it from circulating in your house every time you turn on your HVAC system.
Dirty Ducts? Warped Ducts? We Can Help!

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Why Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for Duct Cleaning & Repair?

Pricing Guarantee

Every customer receives upfront pricing on all equipment and repair costs—we’re committed to no surprises, ever.

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We strive for excellence in all we do. Our team is willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

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We understand the importance of urgency. Our team is committed to clear, quick communication every time: 24/7/365.


Quality Products

We use the best products so your home or business is guaranteed the highest quality service.

When Air Duct Repair Is Necessary for Your Home

While duct cleaning should be performed at least once per year, duct repairs may also become necessary. Ductwork is rated to last for many years. But as your ductwork ages, warping, cracking, and loose seals should be expected. Duct repairs can fix these issues and many more.

Cracks can begin to show in the joints between ductwork, holes can develop in the ductwork, or the insulation can begin to thin or fray. When these things happen, your ductwork becomes less efficient, increasing the volume of air required from your heating and air conditioning system. Additionally, outside contaminants can enter your ductwork more easily and can have a negative impact on your home’s air quality.

Ductwork is a vital component in your HVAC system, so if you have any issues with yours—ranging from a loss of heating and cooling capacity to a drop off in efficiency and a subsequent spike in your bills—contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today. Our duct cleaning and repair specialists will assist you with the problem. Whether you need air duct cleaning or repair, you can count on us to deliver the very best for you and your family.

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Ensure Efficiency & Cleanliness In Your Ductwork

While not a part of your weekly routine, duct cleaning should be performed at least once per year to prevent a buildup of harmful dust and debris. Additionally, if you notice a spike in utility bills or a dip in HVAC performance, warped or broken ductwork could be the culprit. Atlanta-area homeowners enjoy more comfortable days, lower energy bills, and better air quality when they choose Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for duct repair and duct cleaning.

Since 1999, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has pulled out all the stops to improve air quality and HVAC efficiency in Metro Atlanta. With upfront pricing, transparency, and quality service guaranteed, we’re Georgia’s #1 choice for all things HVAC. Contact us today!