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Heating Maintenance

Stay Toasty All Year Long with Heating Maintenance in Canton, GA & Tyrone, GA

Protect your investment & keep your family or office comfortable.

So many of our most important (and expensive) objects need regular maintenance. Our homes need cleaning every couple of weeks. Our cars need tune-ups and our lawns need mowing. Then there’s our own health to worry about. At the end of the day, who has time for regular heating maintenance in Atlanta, GA? With mild winters, it’ll probably be fine, right? At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we know how difficult it can be to schedule regular maintenance for your heating system. That’s why we deliver prompt service, upfront pricing, and free quotes on all our jobs.

Your furnace, heat pump, or boiler should last you the better part of 15 years or longer. But without regular tune-ups, that number’s hard to hit. Tune-ups are cheaper than repairs, and repairs are cheaper than replacements. With regular maintenance, you and your furnace can truly go the distance on the most affordable path. Call us for a free quote today!

Need a heating maintenance company? Look no further!

Since 1999, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has kept Metro Atlanta heating systems working powerfully. Trust your local, transparent pros for all your heating needs. Call now.

Why Do Heating Systems Need Maintenance At All?

You’ve heard it before, or probably said it yourself: “They don’t make things like they used to.” That may be so for certain appliances or machines, but your furnace or heat pump should go the distance with you in your home or office. Heating systems fail due largely to a lack of simple, regular maintenance. But why do modern heating units need maintenance at all?

  • AGE: Age affects everything—even your heating system. As furnaces age, underperforming components may have a knock-on effect. A problem with one part of your heating system can quickly become a critical issue with the entire system. Regular maintenance prevents larger problems.
  • DIRT, DUST, & DUNDER: Our furnaces and heat pumps get dirty, same as everything else. Dirt, dust, and pet dander have a way of building up, causing issues with blower assemblies, burners, and even the heat exchanger. Regular cleanings can help.
  • WEAR & TEAR: Your heating system may be designed to last a decade or longer, but individual parts have a way of wearing out. For maximum health and safety, regular replacements may be necessary before major problems occur.
  • CONDENSATION IN LINES: Though it seems counterintuitive, moisture can cause serious issues for your heating system. Blockages in lines cause condensation; condensation causes rust; rust causes numerous problems over time and may even mean the premature failure of your furnace or heat pump.
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Why Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for Heating Maintenance?

Pricing Guarantee

Every customer receives upfront pricing on all equipment and repair costs—we’re committed to no surprises, ever.

Customer Focus

We strive for excellence in all we do. Our team is willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Responsive Communication

We understand the importance of urgency. Our team is committed to clear, quick communication every time: 24/7/365.


Quality Products

We use the best products so your home or business is guaranteed the highest quality service.

Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

It’s never that high on our to-do list, but regular heating maintenance can save us dozens of headaches and costly repair bills down the line—not to mention many a cold night spent wishing you’d called an HVAC tech months ago. The benefits of regular maintenance are numerous, and include:

  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Maintenance is more affordable than repair or replacement. Additionally, a high-performing and healthy heating system requires less energy to work each month, keeping your bills low.
  • KEEPS YOU COZY: When you’re cold, you want heat now. Healthy furnaces and heat pumps work better—period.
  • EXTENDS SYSTEM LIFE: You or a previous homeowner made a significant investment when they purchased your existing heater. But like a game of hot potato, you could be left holding the bill for a replacement if you don’t maintain your system.
  • ADDS VALUE TO YOUR HOME: Nobody wants to buy a home with a bum heater that could need urgent replacement. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, a working furnace or heat pump is a valuable asset.
  • IMPROVES INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Old or ailing heaters can easily recirculate pet dander, dust, and other harmful allergens that sabotage the comfort in your home. If you or a family member have allergies or asthma, regular maintenance is a must.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Heating So You Don’t Have To

At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, our goal is to keep your Atlanta home or business comfortable, functional, and safe. To that end, we offer our Premier Comfort Club—an ideal solution for busy homeowners. For just $199 per unit per year, you’ll get two scheduled tune-ups, a ductwork inspection, and a thermostat calibration. Let us take care of your heater so you can take care of anything else.

Since 1999, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has served the Metro Atlanta area. With upfront pricing, constant communication, and industry-leading transparency, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the go-to HVAC company in the Big A! Call today and protect your home, your investment, and your family.