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Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning Services by Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC

One of the most popular alternatives to traditional heating and air conditioning systems in recent years is geothermal. Geothermal systems offer a number of clear benefits over other heating and air conditioning systems. Traditional systems typically burn fuel and use large volumes of electricity which are becoming less popular because of their high costs and environmental detriments. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC offers geothermal heating and air conditioning services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Peachtree City, Tyrone, Canton, and Swain County, NC including the cities of Bryson City and Whittier, NC.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installation

Installation of a new geothermal heating and cooling system starts with the selection of a new geothermal heat pump. The heat pump circulates a refrigerant liquid through a series of pipes laid in the ground. The refrigerant extracts heat energy stored in the ground that the heat pump uses to heat your home.

A good heat pump should be efficient and offer the amenities you need without costing too much to operate. Ideally, it will be properly sized for your home as well. These are all things that Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC can ensure when we help you select, install and maintain your new geothermal system.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Repair Services

When you have a new geothermal heating and air conditioning system installed in your home the next step is to ensure it is properly maintained over the years. We offer comprehensive preventive maintenance services that include annual tune ups or repairs if a problem should ever develop.

Preventive maintenance is highly recommended because it ensures that any problems that arise are detected early before they turn into more costly repairs. During tune ups our technicians will check your heat pump and run tests on your geothermal loop to ensure both are running well. We also have technicians on call 24 hours a day if a major issue should develop that interrupts your heating or cooling.

If you live in Atlanta or any of the surrounding areas of Tyrone or Waynesville, contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC today and ask to learn more about all of our geothermal heating and air conditioning services. We offer a full range of solutions for homes throughout the region and can discuss with you all of your options to match your budget.