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Furnace Services

Furnace Repair, Maintenance, & Installation in Canton, GA & Tyrone, GA

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When it comes to indoor comfort, especially in the coldest months, furnaces may be our greatest invention. For hundreds of years, furnaces have been the easiest and most reliable way of warming our homes. But it’s easy to take this time-tested technology for granted, especially on the first frosty day of the year. When strange smells, lackluster performance, and odd noises catch your attention, you need a furnace repair company you can trust. With 25 years of expert furnace service, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems is here for whatever winter throws at you in the Greater Atlanta area.

Take the guesswork out of furnace performance by scheduling annual furnace maintenance with us. We’re also ready any time of day or night for emergency furnace repair, new furnace installation, or to find an ideal furnace replacement for your single-family home or commercial property. To stay cozy 24/7/365, trust the best furnace company in Metro Atlanta!

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Every winter, residents and businesses in Metro Atlanta have the same thought at the same time. Get ahead of the furnace maintenance rush and give us a call today!

Top Signs You Need Furnace Maintenance

For most of us, furnaces are unseen and unheard. A hard-working and healthy furnace should put you at ease and keep you comfortable. But broken furnaces like to make themselves known. If your furnace is 10 years or older, it’s only natural to notice a dip in performance or other symptoms of aging. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it may be time to call in the pros.

  • UNUSUAL ODORS: Ailing furnaces have a way of producing lingering odors. Poor combustion produces aldehyde—a chemical byproduct that smells metallic, soapy, or even citrusy. This smell is a major warning sign that you need immediate service.
  • LACKLUSTER HEATING: Capable furnaces should not struggle to produce heat in your home or business. If the furnace runs without warming up your building, you need service.
  • SPIKING UTILITY BILLS: Healthy furnaces operate consistently, so utility bills should also be consistent. If you’ve noticed drastic increases in your utility bills (both for gas and electric furnaces) then you need service.
  • ODD NOISES: Dirty burners can cause loud pops or groans, suggesting a worsening issue with your furnace. While some noise should be expected when your furnace starts, odd noises should be noted and corrected.
  • STANDING WATER/LEAKS: Clogged tubing and condensation lines may leak water around your furnace. If you notice standing water or dripping water, prompt service is highly recommended.
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Gas vs. Electric: Which Furnace Is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, you have a serious decision to make: gas or electric? Choosing the right furnace for your home or business can impact your utility bills, the lifespan of your unit, and your ultimate comfort. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your new furnace.

  • GAS FURNACES: The gas furnace is the preferred heating system of many homeowners. Natural gas is a versatile fuel that can also be used with ovens, stoves, and dryers. As a largely domestic product, natural gas prices remain stable, especially when compared to electricity. That said, using natural gas does require some proximity to a main gas line. You’ll also need the piping and hookups on your property to utilize it.
  • ELECTRIC FURNACES: Electric furnaces tend to be cheaper than gas furnaces initially and can be used in any house that has an electrical system. They are also incredibly efficient, as they lose no heat to flue gases. However, the relatively high cost of electricity does mean that they will cost more to heat your home on average than a gas furnace. Still, the electric furnace is worth considering and is a great option for those without access to natural gas.

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Choosing and maintaining the right furnace for your property is a big decision and a sizable commitment. You need a partner in your comfort. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we’ve kept Atlanta residents and business owners cozy since 1999. Let us keep your furnace in peak condition so you can focus on anything else.

For the utmost comfort and lasting peace of mind, join our Heating Comfort Club. For just $199 per year, you’ll get two furnace tune-ups, ductwork inspections, and even a thermostat calibration. Life is sweeter (and warmer) when furnace maintenance is off your mind and off your to-do list. Call us any time of day or night for furnace service in Atlanta, GA!