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Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation in Canton, GA & Tyrone, GA

Smart technology improves ventilation & boosts air quality seamlessly.

In old homes and new construction, ensuring healthy indoor air can be a challenge. Even with top-of-the-line HVAC systems, spotless ductwork, and balanced humidity, contaminants sneak in. Everytime we exhale we contribute a little to the issue—the carbon dioxide we release adds up over the hours. Sure, we can crack a window now and then, let bad air out and good air in. But when treated air leaves our homes, our heaters and AC systems have to work twice as hard to treat that air again. Atlanta residents need a method for thorough ventilation that won’t cost them (or their HVAC systems) time and money. This is where energy recovery ventilation systems come in.

Since 1999, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has installed, maintained, and repaired the latest indoor air quality solutions on the market today. Energy recovery ventilators use heat exchange technology to preserve the energy in your air while allowing for proper ventilation. Breathe easier without cracking a window by contacting us today!

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Dust, pet dander, skin, hair, and spores—contaminants of every kind find their way into our buildings. Get the ventilation you need to stay healthy and focused 24/7/365!

How Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Work?

An energy recovery ventilator is a highly efficient system that actively transfers heat and humidity between indoor and outdoor environments. In traditional ventilation, your home heats a large volume of air every hour. When that air is ventilated out of your house, the heat energy is lost as well. The new air that enters your home needs to be heated, which costs you more money.

Energy recovery ventilation works by actively exchanging heat and humidity in a heat exchanger before the air is ventilated out of your house. Air from inside and air from outside are both entered into the energy recovery ventilator chambers, heat and humidity are exchanged, and the air is ventilated. In this way, you can have fresh air regularly brought into your home without having to reheat or cool it as much.

When placed in your attic, an energy recovery ventilator facilitates an exchange of the stale air inside your home with the fresh air outside of it. A heat exchanger ensures that you don’t lose the standing temperature of your home, and yet the air is freshened and purged of contaminants without having to open a window!

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Why Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for Energy Recovery Ventilators?

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Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

Aside from the numerous health benefits of breathing cleaner air every day, energy recovery ventilators add significant value to homes and businesses. This leading-edge indoor air quality tech improves your health and your finances in the short and long terms. Here’s how an energy recovery ventilator benefits you:

  • BETTER BREATHING: Improperly ventilated air can cause a range of problems—from rashes and sinus infections to poor focus and bad sleep. Even the carbon dioxide we breathe out poses a risk to our health and happiness. Energy recovery ventilators allow cleaner air in and stale air out without increasing demands on your HVAC system.
  • LOWER BILLS: Opening a window may be an easy way to ventilate a room, but fresh, untreated air will need to be processed through your heating or cooling system depending on the time of year. Naturally, treating air from outside requires energy and energy requires money. Energy recovery ventilators cut out the middleman to keep bills low.
  • LONGER SYSTEM LIFESPANS: Energy recovery ventilators use heat exchangers to remove energy from stale air. Afterward, this energy is transferred to fresh, incoming air to take the load off your HVAC system. This process spares your heating and cooling systems the effort, extending their lifespan while maximizing indoor air quality.

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With a quarter century of experience under our belts, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems knows how to minimize bills and maximize air quality—all while extending the lifespan of your current HVAC system. Make the ultimate investment in your building and your health by considering energy recovery ventilator installation in Atlanta, GA, today.

Enjoy fewer allergy and asthma attacks each year, or leverage cleaner air to focus on big projects or simple family fun. With upfront pricing, complete transparency, and satisfaction guaranteed, we’re Greater Atlanta’s #1 provider of leading indoor air quality solutions. Contact us today!