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What is a High Velocity Mini Duct System?

Are you interested in installing a central air conditioning system in your home, but are hesitant to do so due to limited space or a concern for the architectural integrity of your property? The air conditioning professionals at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems may have just the solution that you are looking for.

With a high-velocity mini-duct system, you can enjoy all the benefits of a central air conditioner without the construction and invasiveness that may put certain characteristics of your home jeopardy. Contact us today to learn more about these great systems. Our Bryson, NC air conditioning technicians can answer any questions you may have.

Older homes that have a lot of history are great, but they may not necessarily have been constructed with the easy installation of an air conditioning system in mind. The reason that high velocity ductless mini-split systems are such a great option for such homes is due to their unique design. These systems use very small, flexible air ducts to distribute cooled air throughout a home. The materials used and the design of these air ducts make it possible for them to be installed within existing walls with relative ease. Because of this convenient, unobtrusive installation method, they have become a favorite among homeowners looking to cool down without a lot of rebuilding of their homes.

There are other benefits that high-velocity duct systems have to offer, though. While their ductwork is much smaller than that of traditional systems, they also operate somewhat differently. The introduce streams of air into a room high up, mixing with natural air currents. This allows for very effective, even cooling. Plus, due to their unique design, high-velocity mini-duct systems are also able to dehumidify air much more effectively than standard split central air conditioners.

To learn more about why you may want to consider the installation of a high-velocity mini-duct system, give the Bryson City, NC air conditioning technicians at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems a call.