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Air Conditioning Problems: Ice on Refrigerant Lines

When your AC malfunctions, you might see ice build up on the evaporator coil and the refrigerant line. In places like Waynesville, NC – with its humid summers and periodic heat waves – it’s probably a good idea to contact a service professional if you spot ice on refrigerant lines, before it becomes a larger problem.

Normally, air passing across the coil and refrigerant line keeps ice from forming. In some circumstances, however, the airflow may be reduced, because the air filters have become clogged, the cooling coil fan is broken, or some similar malfunction has occured. Similarly, a reduction in the system’s refrigerant levels will create abnormally low temperatures in the coil and the line, such that even a steady flow of air over the surface won’t be enough to prevent ice from forming. Less common causes of ice on refrigerant lines include a broken auto-defrost control system and a bad thermal expansion valve, which doesn’t allow sufficient amounts of refrigerant to pass through.

Regardless of the causes, ice on refrigerant lines can’t simply be scraped off and forgotten. The underlying problems need to be addressed by a qualified air conditioning expert. It could be something as simple as a routine cleaning or as complex as an entire component in need of replacing. The refrigerant requires a proper license to handle safely, and requires professional attention to recharge or refill. If you see ice on your refrigerant lines, don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself; call a licensed service agent to do the job right. The experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems are all EPA certified and can take care of any air conditioning problems in the Waynesville, NC area. Contact us today to handle the ice in your system.