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Ways to Keep Cool While Waiting on Air Conditioning Repair

In Atlanta, air conditioning repair services need to move quickly in order to keep your home comfortable. Our Georgia summers definitely make us feel the heat, and without a functioning air conditioning, our homes can be very uncomfortable.  Certainly, you shouldn’t attempt to run your air conditioning unit while waiting for a service call; that could cause further damage and possibly increase the time and cost of repair. You can still find ways to keep cool in your home while waiting on air conditioning repair.

Here are a few tips:

For starters, keep the doors closed and the windows drawn, especially on the side of the house where the sun is shining. That increases the insulation levels in your home and keeps some of the heat at bay. If you’re waiting after the sun has gone down, open up the windows and let the breeze blow in. In addition, you’re probably already running fans and blowers to keep the air circulated. If you’re running a ceiling fan, make sure it’s running in a counter-clockwise direction. That pulls warm air up and sends cool air down, helping stave off the worst of the heat.

It’s also a good idea to keep your oven turned off when preparing food. Instead, consider a salad or cold sandwiches for your meal, which can be prepared without heating up the kitchen (and by extension the rest of the house). Hydration is very important during hot days, so make sure you drink plenty of liquids with your meal.

For a more innovative approach, try soaking a washcloth, a handkerchief, or even an old t-shirt, then wearing it afterwards. The water on evaporating off of your skin can keep you cool pretty efficiently while you wait for the air conditioning cavalry to arrive.

Of course, nothing precludes the need for a speedy repair service, and while you can keep cool with these tips, they shouldn’t come at the expense of a prompt response time. The experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offer speedy and reliable service throughout the Atlanta area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.