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How Often Should Heat Pump Maintenance be Scheduled?

The great thing about using a heat pump to condition your home is that it is so versatile. With one unit, you can achieve year-round comfort. This is an affordable alternative to investing in both a central AC unit and a furnace, for starters. Plus, a heat pump requires much less space in your home than these other two systems would combine.

What Makes a Heat Pump Different?

As indicated above, a heat pump system is not the same as a conventional air conditioning unit or a furnace. This means it doesn’t work only one part of the year to stay dormant for the other parts of the year—it is used twice as much as a standard HVAC unit. This means that the same motors, compressor, relays, fans, and refrigerant coils continue to work no matter if you’re using your heat pump to heat your home or cool it.

What makes the heat pump different from other systems, then, is that even though it uses all the same components, these components are constantly at work. This means they are accruing wear and tear all year round and are going to be more prone to repair issues if not well taken care of.

So it makes sense that once-a-year maintenance is not going to be enough to make sure your heat pump stays in good shape. When you consider just how much your heat pump works throughout the year, you can begin to understand why it’s so important that you have it inspected and tuned up twice a year instead of just once. Twice a year inspections and cleanings will ensure that you can enjoy the heat pump all year round.

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