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Why Is My Heat Pump Still Blowing Cool Air?

During the summer, a heat pump works as an effective air conditioner: through the process of heat exchange, it extracts heat from inside a home and places it outside. When the cold weather begins to arrive in the late fall, a heat pump switches over to heating mode: the direction of the heat exchange reverses, and the heat pump moves heat from outside and moves it inside.

However, you may encounter a problem when winter arrives and your heat pump keeps blowing out cool air. This might mean a malfunction, or there could be a simpler explanation. We’ll look at some possibilities here.

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Why Your Heat Pump Might Still Blow Cold Air

If your heat pump blows cold air in the winter, the first thing you should check is the thermostat. You may have set it wrong or programmed it in a way that the thermostat doesn’t know it should switch over to heating. Another possibility is that the thermostat has become miscalibrated, so it incorrectly gauges the ambient temperature and will not sense when it needs to start the heating cycle. An electrical malfunction in the thermostat might also cause it to lose its connection to the heat pump, in which case it will remain in its previous setting.

However, if this issue isn’t with the thermostat, then the most likely reason for the problem is a flaw in the reversing valve. This component of the heat pump is responsible for allowing the system to work as both a heater and an AC. The valve sits on the refrigerant line and changes the direction of the refrigerant flow, which in turn causes the indoor and outdoor coils to swap functions. The reversing valve is in either “excited” or “relaxed” state, and which one controls heating and which one cooling depends on the manufacturer’s settings.

If the reversing valve breaks and becomes locked in one setting or the other, the heat pump will only be capable of doing half its job. Fortunately, this is an easy fix… for a professional. You should not attempt to open up the cabinet of your heat pump and try to replace the reversing valve yourself. Call in an HVAC technician, who should be able to fix the trouble in no time at all.

Don’t let your heat pump do only half the job that it’s supposed to. When it stays with cooling even as winter creeps in, you need to have professionals examine it. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems will come to your assistance to restore your heat pump in Robbinsville, NC to its full capability.