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What to Know Before Replacing Your Current HVAC System With a Heat Pump

Your technician just inspected your aging HVAC system and told you it is time for a replacement. Easy, you answer by saying you want to replace your system with the same one! However, have you considered a heat pump replacement instead?

Technically, a heat pump is a kind of HVAC system. A heat pump works as both an air conditioning and heating system; in other words, it can switch the direction in which it functions.

Before replacing your current HVAC system with a heat pump, here are three things to consider.

When Is A Heat Pump A Good Option?

A reason why a heat pump might appeal to a homeowner is due to having one installation for both heating and cooling instead of two separate systems. Doing so allows you to be more efficient during the changing seasons and not have to maintain two different units.

In addition, if your home is fully electric, you can reduce your costs by replacing your electric furnace with a heat pump. A heat pump is more energy-efficient than an electric furnace because instead of generating heat, it “moves heat” from inside your home to outside, and vice versa.

Replacing your current HVAC system with a heat pump system is a great choice when you are ready to replace both your heater and air conditioning unit.


In order to be cost-efficient, using your heat pump regularly for both heating and cooling functions is required. This is because the cost of installation for a heat pump is more costly than a standing standard system.

A heat pump can cost less to maintain because it’s two systems in one, and there’s generally less maintenance involved in an electric-powered heater than a gas-powered one. However, it’s going to cost you more to buy and install than if you purchased an electric or gas furnace alone. This is because the heat pump contains both the air conditioning and a heating system.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are not the best option when it comes to colder states. When used in extremely cold weather, a heat pump might not be the most energy-efficient option.

On the other hand, a heat pump is cost and energy-efficient in hotter climates. Heat pumps are perfect for reducing humidity, just like air conditioners.

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