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How Ductless AC Systems Save Homeowners Money

House and money seesawHere in Georgia, a great air conditioning system is not something that you can take for granted. You need to invest in a quality air conditioner from a trusted manufacturer, and you need to have that new system installed by a qualified professional that you can trust to do the job right. You also need to schedule ongoing maintenance and, yes, occasional repairs with a contractor of this caliber. We have omitted something one important step, though.

That step? Taking the time necessary to explore your air conditioning options fully and choosing your system with the care that such an important decision demands. While the split central air conditioner is certainly a perennial favorite among homeowners, there are a lot of different systems out there that you should at least look into. You may just find that something like a ductless AC system in Atlanta is what you’ve unknowingly wanted all along!

Window Units? No Thanks.

Window units? How about “no,” period! We may be talking about a type of air conditioning system that is not reliant upon air ducts in order to distribute conditioned air throughout a house, but we are definitely not talking about window units. Those noisy, inefficient systems may do in a pinch if you need to cool, say, a studio apartment or a single dorm room. A whole house, on the other hand, demands a whole-house air conditioning system!

A ductless mini-split is just that. Whereas a split central system features a single outdoor unit and a single indoor unit/air handler, ductless AC systems feature a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, typically mounted right on the walls in the home. These units connect to the outdoor unit via a conduit containing the power, refrigerant, and any necessary drainage lines.

Each blower unit contains its own evaporator coil, allowing it to remove heat from the areas in the home in which it is installed. Each unit is also controlled by its own thermostat. These features, along with the complete removal of ductwork from the equation, add up to save you money in a few different ways.

  • No energy wasted due to air leaks in ductwork.
  • No need to maintain a single temperature throughout the entire house.
  • No need to force air along long stretches of ductwork to supply the farthest reaches of your home.

Oh, They Heat, Too


That’s right. While there are cooling-only ductless mini splits available, most homeowners (especially in areas like ours, with very mild winters) opt for heat pump models. Like traditional split central heat pumps, such systems are able to reverse their refrigerant cycles and, in turn, their entire mode of operation. This means that you can use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat your home very efficiently on our chilly winter nights.

If you have any questions, we are the pros that you can trust to help you decide if ductless AC is right for you.

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