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Beware These Heat Pump Noises

When your heat pump is operating as it should, it typically makes a fairly quite noise, described as a whirring sound when the compressor comes on to start the heat exchange process. You shouldn’t be able to hear any other noises aside from this when your heat pump is running. If you are, then you more than likely have something wrong with your heat pump that requires your attention.

Clicks at Startup

This isn’t a particularly alarming noise for many, but it’s not one that should be neglected if it persists. It’s usually normal to hear this sound when you first turn on your heat pump after a long period of inactivity. However if it continues then you might have an issue with the start capacitor, which is tasked with sending electric voltage to the motors to initiate them to start. If the capacitor malfunctions, then your heat pump won’t run.

Clanking Sound

This is more than likely the result of a piece of equipment coming loose inside the indoor or outdoor cabinet of your heat pump. It’s most often caused by a frayed and broken fan belt. While it’s not rare to run into this problem, it should still be taken care of as soon as possible.


Your motors that run the compressors and the fans can accumulate dirt along their bearings over time, particularly if your heat pump hasn’t been regularly maintained. If you hear a grinding noise, then you most likely have a problem with these motors. It’s a signal of too much stress being put on the mechanical parts of the motors. If your motor is making this noise, it’s very likely that it needs to be replaced at this point.

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