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Proper Conditions for Wine Storage

If you are a wine connoisseur, or you would like to be, then it’s vital that you have your wine bottles stored in the ideal conditions for temperature, humidity, light, and space. Only in the right conditions will the wine age properly and maintain the finest possible aroma and taste. For the best storage, call on professionals who can design a wine storage area with proper environmental controls. Below at the factors that need to be properly controlled:


Wine storage temperatures depend on the type of wine, but cooler is generally better than warmer. The reason for this is that higher temperatures accelerate the aging process, which can damage taste. Red wine should be kept at “room temperature,” which usually means 55°F. Pinot Noir is often better at 50°F, while Red Zinfandel is good at a 60°–65°F range. White wines need to be slightly chilled, usually around 45°F. Wine storage experts can design dual-zone cabinets for your wine to keep them all at the ideal temperatures.


The best humidity range for wine is 55% to 85%. This is a bit higher than you would normally want in your home, but there’s a reason for this: it keeps the corks moist. Dry wine cork can crack, and this will allow oxygen into the bottle, creating oxidation that will ruin the wine.


This is something that people often don’t think of as having an effect on wine, but fluorescent lighting and natural lighting can damage wine. Designers will take this into account when creating a storage area.


Placing bottles on their sides helps to keep the corks moist. But they must also be in a position where they won’t roll or vibrate. Too much movement causes the improper distribution of wine sediment, which will negatively affect the taste.

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