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Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

Woman blowing into a tissueWhen you think of living comfortably during the summer season here in Georgia, you are undoubtedly going to focus in on your air conditioning system right away. We get it. The weather here is incredibly hot during the summer months. It’s also quite humid, too. That latter concession points toward an area that too many homeowners frequently overlook: indoor air quality. If you are serious about living in a comfortable, healthful environment, then you need high indoor air quality as much as you do comfortable temperatures.

In order to achieve, let alone maintain, the indoor air quality levels that you deserve, you are likely going to need some help. That is where our indoor air quality services in Atlanta come into play. Let our IAQ technicians evaluate your situation and make recommendations based on their years of training and true expertise. With our help, you’ll be enjoying better, higher air quality in no time. Here are a few ways in which you may go about improving matters.

Removing Airborne Pollutants Is a Great First Step

When it comes to improving indoor air quality throughout one’s home, removing airborne pollutants is the logical place to start in most cases. What are airborne pollutants? We’re talking about dust, dirt, pet fur, and other such contaminants that can go airborne in your home. These materials can really upset allergies and create an uncomfortable environment for those residents with existing respiratory issues.

Using a designated air filtration system is the first line of defense against such pollutants—and no, that air filter in your HVAC system is not enough. It’s there to protect your HVAC equipment, not your air quality. In some cases, a more active approach may need to be taken. Electronic air cleaners can remove pollutants more effectively in such circumstances.

But What About Biological Pollutants?

While airborne pollutants can definitely aggravate existing symptoms of existing issues, biological pollutants can make you sick. These pollutants include viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. If you are concerned about such pollutants in your home, you should know that simply trapping them on filters or in cleaners is not enough.

Not only are these microorganisms typically too small for residential air filters to catch, but they can continue to reproduce even after they’re caught. Using an air purifier like a UV germicidal light allows you to destroy these pollutants and to render them incapable of further reproduction. They are completely safe for people and pets in the home, but devastating to such pollutants.

Balancing Humidity

When people think of humidity in our area, they tend to think of the sometimes oppressive humidity that we encounter in the summer season. It is important to remember that outdoor humidity levels may not reflect those in your home, though, which can be influenced by factors ranging from the airtightness of your home to the number of occupants therein.

That is why we install and service both whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Not sure which you need in your residence? Give our IAQ experts a call and we’ll help you to determine how best to balance humidity in your home.

Contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC 7 days a week for a personalized response for your needs. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it for you!