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Yes, You Also Need to Change or Clean the Air Filter During Winter

One of the important steps for regularly maintaining an air conditioning system during the summer is to change its air filter (or clean it if the AC uses a permanent filter) once a month. This advice also extends to your heating system if you have a furnace or other forced-air heater. Usually the heater shares the same cabinet with the air conditioner, and also uses the same filter that is housed where the return air ducts connected with the cabinet.

Why you need a clean air filter

Most of what applies to an air conditioner also applies to a furnace or other forced-air heater: a clogged air filter will spell trouble in numerous ways:

  • It will elevate heating bills: Anything that restricts the proper flow of air through the heater will make the heater work harder, much the same way that you have to expend more energy to breathe when you’re congested because of a cold. If the air filter is clogged with dust, lint, and debris, you will see much higher heating bills each month.
  • It will lower your comfort: When air flow into the system is choked off, it will mean that air flow out of the system is also reduced. The air flow coming from the vents will drop off, and cold spots will start appearing around the house.
  • It can damage the heater: The air filter’s principle job is to protect the interior of the heating system from debris. When the filter is congested, it’s much easier for contaminants to enter and damage motors, coils, and other mechanical parts. This can be a particular problem for a heat pump because grime across the refrigerant coil can cause the coil to freeze over and stop working.

How often should you change the filter? It takes about a month of steady work for the filter to develop clogging that will have a negative effect, so change/clean the filter monthly for as long as the heater runs on a regular basis.

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