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How to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

Can you believe summer is already just around the corner? We can’t either! With temperatures on the rise, you want to be sure that your air conditioner is prepped and ready to go for this summer. We know the last thing you want to deal with is a sluggish or broken AC right in the middle of a heatwave!  

As always, at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, your comfort is our top priority. To help you and your family stay cool and keep your energy bills at a minimum this upcoming summer, take a look at our AC maintenance tips and tricks.  

Change the Filter  

Your air conditioner filter serves to remove dirt, dust, and other particles from your air. This both improves your indoor air quality and the airflow in your home. If your filter is full, your AC has to use much more energy to pump air through your home. Make sure you have a brand-new filter put in before you start up your AC for the first time this season. 

Clear Away Clutter  

Your outdoor air conditioning unit should not be blocked by any clutter. Make sure to clear away all debris, gardening tools, plants, toys, and any other objects away from the unit. This will help to improve airflow and the efficiency of your system.  

Clean Your Vents  

Your air vents are responsible for distributing cool air throughout your home. For even airflow, make sure that you clean your vents and remove any toys, curtains, or other objects that may be blocking them.  

Examine Exposed Ductwork 

Carefully inspect any exposed ductwork for signs of damage such as holes, disconnected joints, or separated pieces. Damaged ductwork causes leaks, reduced airflow, and increased energy bills, which means you’ll want to have it repaired by a professional right away.  

Take a Look at the Coolant Lines  

The pipes that run from your outdoor AC unit should be wrapped in foam insulation. This insulation is used to prevent energy loss. If you notice that the insulation is missing, frayed, or otherwise damaged, contact an HVAC professional before starting your AC up.   

Test Your AC  

Turn your AC on for the first time to ensure that it is working properly.  

If you notice any of the following issues, you might need to schedule AC repair

  • Hot air coming from your vents  

  • Uneven airflow  

  • Certain rooms that are cooler than others  

  • Odd-smelling air coming from vents  

  • Loud banging or screeching sounds coming from your system 

Schedule an Inspection  

While there is plenty you can do to take care of your AC, you also want to bring in a service professional for routine inspections and maintenance services. During a maintenance appointment, your technician will fully inspect your entire system, run a complete safety check, clean hard-to-reach dirty components, lubricate any motor parts, and identify any problem areas with your system.  

Routine maintenance allows your technician to take care of minor HVAC problems before they lead to major, expensive breakdowns. 

Call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems  

At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, our EPA- and NATE-certified technicians are here to help take care of your heating and air conditioning systems. We are a full-service HVAC company ready to handle any repair, replacement, maintenance, or installation service you may need. Founded in 1999 based on the desire to provide unparalleled service, our team sets the standard for professionalism and results in the HVAC industry. 

Your comfort is our utmost priority. Trust our team to keep your AC in top shape to keep your energy bills low and help you and your family stay cool all summer long.  

To schedule an AC repair or inspection, give our team a call at (770) 268-2422. You can also send us a message online