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3 Doable Projects to Tackle While Spending More Time at Home

During the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often push the home improvement items of our to-do lists below things like outings and social obligations. While spending a lot of time cooped up indoors can make anyone feel a little “stir-crazy,” taking care of your property will save you stress down the road and make your home a more comfortable place to be.

Whether you’re sheltering in place, taking a stay-cation, or making home maintenance your top priority, these projects are a great way to stay productive and improve your living space.

Project 1: Prepare your air conditioning system for summer.

This will involve indoor and outdoor tasks. Start outside by checking your air conditioner’s outdoor unit (also called the condenser). Clear away any weeds, shrubs, or bushes that have started to crowd in around it. A good rule of thumb is to give the condenser at least two feet of horizontal breathing space and four to six feet of vertical breathing space.

Inside, replace your system’s air filter if it is dusty. Most replaceable filters should be changed every 90 days or more often. For instance, if you own pets or if you recently performed activities in your home that generated a lot of dust (like remodeling or moving boxes in and out of closets), you may need to change your filter sooner.

Finally, schedule a professional HVAC maintenance appointment. During the appointment, the technician will clear away the dirt and other buildup inside of your unit that can cause it to run inefficiently or even break down. The technician will also inspect your unit for any potential issues that could cause it to fail in the near future.

Project 2: Make sure your property’s drainage systems are working correctly.

Here is another chance for you to get some much-needed sunshine and fresh air: it’s time to check your gutters! Grab a garbage bag, put on a pair of gardening gloves (or any other pair of sturdy gloves that you don’t mind getting dirty), and fetch a stool or ladder. Inspect the inside of your gutters for leaves, twigs, etc., and scoop it out any debris that you find into your trash bag.

Next, trek through your yard to check on its drains. Make sure that each is securely in place and that none are clogged by leaves or dirt. It’s especially critical to make sure that no water is pooling around your home’s foundation or your air conditioning unit!

Project 3: Dust the places that you’ve been neglecting.

Experts say that 40 pounds of dust collect in the average home each year. With dust come allergy-triggering dust mites. Make it your mission to clean up the following areas of your home with a microfiber wand or cloth:

  • Underneath beds, sofas, and armchairs

  • Ceiling fans

  • The grill covers over air vents and exhaust fans

  • The top of your kitchen cupboards

  • Lampshades

  • Window treatments

Removing all of this dust will improve your home’s indoor air quality and make it less inviting to dust mites.

Whether your HVAC system needs a tuneup or your home needs an indoor air quality enhancement, our team of experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, LLC are ready to assist. Contact us online or give us a call at: (770) 268-2422.