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How Duct Repair Will Help Keep You Warm This Winter

We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing the importance of heating maintenance as well as providing other tips for preparing your home to handle the winter weather. There are plenty of steps you can take to properly winterize your home and stop drafts from leeching away the vital heat inside the rooms. But there’s one that you might not have considered, which is arranging to have your ductwork repaired.

Is ductwork damage that common?

Unfortunately it is. The ducts of your ventilation system are a large network, and the stress on them over time can lead to gaps forming. This is especially common for ducts that were poorly installed in the first place (which is also distressingly common). Humidity inside the ducts can lead to damage that will also create leaks, and this is a frequent issue in Georgia.

How does this affect my winter comfort?

Leaking ducts allow air to escape from the ventilation system. During cold weather, it’s easy for heat to leave the ducts through holes because the air surrounding the ducts is usually colder than the rest of the house (the ducts run through parts of the building that lack insulation and aren’t directly heated). This will lead to rooms that will experience “drafts,” a drop in temperature due to the loss of heat in the duct leading to its vent. The more air leaks in the ventilation system, the more cold spots will appear in rooms around the house.

How can I fix this?

It’s actually quite easy. Simply call our technicians and ask about our duct testing and duct repair. We can test your ventilation system to see if you’re losing heat, and then provide the sealing work to solve the problem.

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