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5 Reasons Why Your Furnace’s Airflow Is So Weak

When you hold your hand up to an air vent, is little or no air coming out? If that’s the case, then your furnace has an airflow issue. Airflow problems can occur for several reasons, and a couple of them are surprisingly easy to fix on your own!

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If hardly any air or no air at all is coming from your vents, these are the most likely reasons why.

1. Your air filter is too dirty.

Your heating system must be able to draw air in to send air out. When dust is clogging your air filter, your furnace will struggle to circulate air throughout your home.

2. You need to open your vents more.

You might think your vents are open, but it’s always worth double-checking. Adjust the lever that controls the direction air blows out of the vent, and make sure that the grills are open as much as possible.

3. Your system’s blower motor needs a repair or replacement.

If you don’t feel any air circulating at all, then you can practically bet that your heating system has a blower motor issue. The blower is the part that pulls air into the system and pushes it back out. If this part needs a repair, you’ll definitely have airflow problems.

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4. You need a newer furnace.

Weak airflow can be a sign that your furnace wants to retire. As furnaces age, their performance goes downhill, and they become less efficient. The typical furnace only lasts around 15 to 20 years, so if yours is that old or older, it’s probably time to start looking for an energy-efficient replacement.

5. You need to get new air ducts or seal your existing ones.

Your furnace itself might not be the problem. According to ENERGY STAR, unsealed ductwork can lose 20 to 30 percent of the air moving through it. Old, raggedy ductwork could be responsible for even more lost air.

If you’re uncertain that your air ducts are the problem, you can always ask an HVAC professional to conduct an air duct test on your system. Then you can be sure whether or not a repair is necessary to improve airflow and energy efficiency.

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