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4 Reasons You Have Poor Air Quality at Home

4 Reasons You Have Poor Air Quality at Home

Indoor air pollution is a form of pollution resulting from accumulated dust and particles that can affect your home’s air quality. The quality of your home airflow is an essential factor when it comes to your air conditioning unit. Many elements can play a part in the quality of the air circulating your home and make it uncomfortable for you and your family to be in.

Here are four reasons why your home air quality is poor.

Poor Insulation

Besides maintaining your home temperature, insulation is responsible for handling the air quality in your home. When it comes to the basic foundation of your AC unit, the process of generating cool air happens when your unit absorbs the heat in your home and replaces it with cold air. Typically, heat particles travel when hot moves to cold areas/objects. However, when your home and space are poorly insulated, your unit will have trouble relying on that process in a faster way. Failure to do so will result in poor air quality and higher energy costs.

In addition, the absence of efficient insulation will present more dust particles and cause disfavored chemicals to spread and increase the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) chemicals in your home, also known as off-gassing. It is a chemical release that circulates your house, causing unhealthy breathing conditions for you and your family.

The failure to maintain healthy insulation levels will also cause your home to be filled with musty odors due to the air being unable to circulate, making it uncomfortable for you and your family members to breathe.

Exposure to Chemicals

The exposure of chemicals to our airflow can cause our home air to be polluted, thus contaminating the air, we breathe and live in. With harmful chemicals being free to roam around and the exchange occurring within our unit, we are at a higher risk of experiencing respiratory and breathing problems.

OSHA explains how poor indoor air quality can be related to various health symptoms and how some conditions can be seen in the future, thus putting your health at risk in the long term.

Excessive Dust

Dusty air ducts and filters can become obstacles to the airflow circulating in your home. Excessive dust is not only an obstacle to your living environment but can also affect your health in many ways.

The American Lung Association explains the various impacts on how dust in your home can affect your health, specifically your lungs and respiratory system. It also emphasizes how just because your dust isn’t visible doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The maintenance of your unit plays a huge role in preserving your air quality and condition that contributes significantly to your breathing.

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