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Why You Should Invest in a Dehumidifier before This Summer

Happy familyGiven our weather, it almost seems silly to say that summer isn’t here yet. But, we still do have much warmer temperatures to contend with, and with that warmth comes higher humidity levels. You most likely have a reliable air conditioning system to handle the hot and muggy temps on their way, but if you are without a certain Woodstock, GA indoor air quality product, you are at a disadvantage.

We are talking about the whole-house dehumidifier. This important appliance, when professionally installed, will help to handle the excessively humid air in your home, making a big difference in your home comfort levels as well as the performance of your air conditioning system.

Why Is High Humidity a Problem?

We probably don’t need to tell you how gross and clammy that high humidity levels can make you feel. But do you understand the reason behind this? High levels of moisture do encourage the growth of mold and bacteria in the home, creating a stagnant environment, but this isn’t all it does.

High humidity interferes with your body’s natural ability to cool itself off—when sweat evaporates off of our skin, our body temperature goes down. However, when relative humidity levels in your home rise above 50%, there is too much ambient moisture in the air to let your sweat evaporate. Therefore, it stays on your skin, leaving you feeling hot and probably pretty uncomfortable until the moisture levels go down.

An Air Conditioner Is Not Enough

Air conditioners, by default, do help with humidity to some degree. As the temperature in your home is lowered, ambient moisture from the air causes vapor to shift to liquid form and coalesce into droplets, which are then eliminated from your cooling system through a drain line.

However, air conditioners are not designed to provide full dehumidification, as their sole purpose is to lower the temperature of the air. When it is excessively humid, your air conditioner has to work even harder in order to do this job, and as a result, can accumulate wear and tear faster than it normally would.

How a Dehumidifier Benefits You

A whole-house dehumidifier has the components necessary to handle excessive condensate. Plus, since it’s specifically designed to reduce the moisture in the air, you’re able to set the relative humidity levels in your home to something uniquely comfortable for you—most homeowners find a humidity level between 30 and 50% to be most comfortable.

The effect that a dehumidifier has on your home can be felt almost immediately. Not only will you be able to enjoy more comfort, but mold and bacteria growth will be restricted, which prevents that stale feeling in the air, and lowers the risk of illness.

Perhaps most importantly, a whole-house dehumidifier eases the strain on your air conditioning temperature, helping you to lower your monthly bills and the risk of a breakdown. Overall, it can even help extend the life of your cooling system!

To schedule your professional dehumidifier installation, simply contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC today!