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Why Clean Your Ducts Before Summer

Spring is the season when you are likely to use your HVAC system the least. Between the winter cold and summer heat, you’ll have less reason to turn on either your heater or your air conditioner. However, the ductwork that channels the cool and warm air to your rooms will not take a vacation during this season. Out of your sight, the ducts have developed dust and dirt contamination, and the passage of time won’t decrease it. This spring, call for professional duct cleaning in Bryson City, GA so you will have a fresh start for summer and your air conditioner.

We need to stress professional… you cannot effectively access your ducts or clean them on your own. The work requires more than just putting a vacuum hose into an open vent.

For local duct cleaners with the equipment and knowledge to get the job done right, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

Why you need to have clean ducts before the summer starts

Since you rarely see the inside of the ductwork in a home, it is easy to dismiss the contamination that can develop inside them. But it’s important that you have as much of it cleared away before the air conditioning starts its steady work sending cool air through the ducts.

The main reason to schedule cleaning is that it will improve your indoor air quality. Circulating excess dust through the air, as well as other pollutants like dander, dust mites, and pollen, will lead to skin and eye-irritation, breathing trouble, headaches, nausea, coughing, and asthma. People with allergies are especially susceptible to low quality indoor air, but anyone will suffer symptoms from air blown through dust-congested vents.

Clean ductwork is also important for the efficiency of your air conditioning system (as well as your heating). It only takes a thin layer of dust to impede the airflow through the vents, and this forces the AC to work harder. As the dust and dirt clogging becomes heavier, the HVAC system will struggle, and this will raise your energy bills.

If the ducts have excess contamination, they can also damage the HVAC system. If contamination enters the cabinet, it will affect the components, leading to burnt-out motors and compressors and damaged fan blades. The dirtier the ducts, the more repairs the air conditioner connected to it will require.

Is it time for duct cleaning?

If you have gone for more than two years without professional duct cleaning in Bryson City, GA, then you definitely need the job done this spring. If you are unsure, open one of the vents (floor vents are easier) and reach inside with a digital camera to take a snapshot of the interior. If you see something that resembles a clogged air filter in a car, then you need duct cleaning.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems specializes in improving indoor air quality for our clients and keeping their air conditioners and heaters in excellent shape. Call us for duct cleaning before switching on your air conditioner for the summer.