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What is Causing Uneven Heating in My Home?

The leading concern that most homeowners have in regards to their heating system is that it won’t sufficiently warm their home. However, a problem that many people don’t consider—and yet is an issue for many—is when a heater appears to be operating as it should, however some rooms are much colder than others.

This type of uneven heating has a few possible causes. Fortunately, our expertly trained technicians have seen this problem before and can adequately repair the issue for you. While you wait for your Whittier, NC heating system repairs, check out this guide below as to what could be causing your uneven heating.

A Poorly Sized Heater

Did you inherit your heater with your home, or have you been dealing with uneven heating since you had a new system installed? Unfortunately, the heater might be the wrong size for your home. A heating system that is too small for the requirements of your home won’t be able to reach all the rooms to warm them.

However, a heater that’s too large will shut off before it can finish its cycle, which can lead to unheated rooms. An incorrectly sized heater will either need to be replaced or supplemented to keep your home as comfortable as it should be.

Blocked Vents

This is one of the simplest explanations for uneven heating. If you’re using a forced air system such as a furnace, then the issue might be with the vents themselves. Check to see that they are open in the rooms where the temperature doesn’t feel as warm as it should be. Perhaps furniture was moved and is blocking the vents, or other objects might have been placed in their way.

Poor Insulation

The good news is, your heating system may not even be what’s to blame for uneven temperatures in your home. If your home is not winterized properly, heat will escape through the walls and windows, around the cracks of doors, and through the attic. Poorly insulated rooms are going to feel much colder than the other rooms of your home, if this is the case.

Whether you need to look into your heater options or have your current system repaired, the professionals at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC has you covered—contact us today!