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Sounds You Don’t Want Your Heater to Make

Woman covering her earsLiving in a warm climate doesn’t mean that you can get by without a heating system. While our winters in this area are not what anyone would call “extreme,” year-round residents know that their heaters have their time to shine each and every year. While a malfunctioning or even broken down heater may not be a matter of life and death in Georgia, it is certainly a matter of serious discomfort! You deserve to live comfortably in your home.

That is why we always stress how important it is to schedule prompt heating repair in Atlanta when something should go wrong with your system. Trust us, we’ve repaired many heaters that are worse off for having their heating repair needs put on the backburner. Learning some of the warning signs that your heater is in trouble is the best way to protect your system. That is why we want to talk about sounds you don’t want to hear your heater making today.


Like many problems with your heater, a screeching sound may not be as serious as you may initially think. Also like other problems with your heater, however, this problem can lead to more serious issues if ignored. Don’t ignore a strange screeching sound because your heater still seems to be functioning properly.

There is a good chance that this sound is actually just the result of a worn-out belt in the system. Replacing a worn belt is a very simple job for one of our technicians. Your system may also lack sufficient lubrication in a moving component that could be leading to the screeching sound. If you ignore the problem, the heat caused by that friction could cause damages, or the belt will eventually snap. Get it fixed promptly.

Clanging and Banging

In some cases, this is going to be the result of a loose component. An unbalanced blower motor, for instance, could start banging around in a forced-air heater. Again, though, you don’t want to avoid the issue just because your system still technically functions.

If you hear a boom and banging sound and you use a combustion-based heating system, then you could be experiencing delayed ignition. Basically, the system allows too much fuel to build up in the combustion chamber, and it combusts all at once. When it comes to the combustion process, you want everything working properly.


No, you don’t have a family of snakes living in your heating system. And, frankly, if you do—call someone else! Just kidding. But hopefully, that’s not what we’ll find in there.

More likely, if you use a forced-air heating system, you’re dealing with leaky ductwork. You could actually hear the sound of air leaking out of your ducts. That’s no good because you’re wasting energy and allowing heating costs to balloon for no reason.

You could also have a refrigerant leak if you use a heat pump. That can drive up energy costs, but can also result in serious damage to your system if left unresolved. Don’t just assume it’s a minor issue. Let us diagnose the problem for sure.

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