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Should You Invest in UV Germicidal Lights?

In our blog post last week, we discussed the ill effects that too much humidity can have on your health as well as your home. One of the problems that excess moisture can cause is the development of mold and mildew, in addition to other harmful microorganisms. While a dehumidifier can certainly slow the reproduction of these particles, you need something more to prevent them from occurring and eliminate them from your ducts.

The answer is UV germicidal lights. This type of air purifier uses ultraviolet radiation to eliminate harmful biological pollutants such as those mentioned above. UV lights should be uses as a supplement to your air filtration system, as they do not filter out particles that are already present in the air. However, they do assist your AC system in providing you with purified air.

But Do They Really Work?

Yes, they do. There have been a variety of studies done which prove that UV germicidal lights have the ability to destroy the DNA of germs. This includes viruses, mold, mold spores, fungi, and bacteria. UV lights may even help prevent the onset of allergies and asthma symptoms related to airborne particles.

Isn’t UV Light Dangerous?

In large, prolonged amounts, direct exposure to UV radiation would be harmful to any living organism. But the UV lights that are designed for your cooling system are created with your safety in mind. This air purifier is installed within the HVAC system itself, which minimizes the exposure of UV rays to people.

Do They Need Maintenance?

Yes, just like any other HVAC component, your UV germicidal lights need routine maintenance to ensure they last through the duration of their lifespan. Maintenance will ensure that they work efficiently and effectively. In addition, when we come to inspect your UV germicidal lights, we’ll check and adjust all the components of your indoor air quality system to make sure you are getting adequate performance.

For UV germicidal light installation in Robinsville, NC, contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC.