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Should You Consider a Whole-House Humidifier This Season?

While our summers are often known for their high moisture content and muggy days, our winters can prove to be just the opposite. And when your home suffers from low moisture levels, you need the assistance of professional indoor air quality experts such as the members of our team to help balance your humidity levels.

Portable humidifiers do exist, and it some cases might be a good choice—such as in a baby’s room. However, they’re ineffective for whole-house humidifying. A whole-house humidifying system allows you to raise the humidity levels to pleasant and healthful levels with no danger of making the home too humid. Still can’t decide if this is the right investment for you? Keep reading to learn some benefits.

Help Your Heater Out

Dry air does a lot to make high heat more tolerable, but it has the opposite impact on colder days. Low levels of moisture in the air makes it easy for heat to escape from your body, and can make the temperatures feel cooler than they actually are indoors, causing you to crank up your heater. A humidifier allows you to set your heating system a few degrees lower so you don’t have to run it for as long or as often.

End Static Electricity

Sure, static electricity might have been fun when you were a kid and could slide around in your socks on the carpet to shock your big brother, but as an adult it’s slight less amusing. You may get shocked when you touch a doorknob, and you’ll likely find that your laundry and bed sheets stick together. This is all due to dry air, and a humidifier is the resolution.

Reduce Your Chance of Illness

One of the biggest problems that dry air presents is that it dries up sinuses and makes it easier for illness to spread from one person to another. If you notice an increase in sickness in your home during the winter, this may very well be the reason.

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