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Is It Okay to Switch Back and Forth Between Heat and AC?

The weather in our neck of the woods can have a habit of changing its mind: in the same week you could end up relying on both your heater and air conditioner to stay comfortable. A lot of our customers ask us if it’s bad to switch back and forth between their heater and AC, and the answer is no, as long as you’re doing it correctly.

So check this article out, and if you ever need repairs, give our HVAC techs in Marietta a call.


If you don’t switch between systems properly, the components could go through unnecessary stress and use up a lot of energy trying to make your home comfortable. During those times when you need to go from one system to the other, make sure you’re following these steps and precautions.

1. Your thermostat must be set to “auto.”

You need your system to shut off once your home reaches your desired temperature. If your system is set to “on,” rather than “auto,” then it won’t shut off.

2. Wait until your system is done with its current cycle.

Whether it’s your heater or air conditioner, don’t switch between systems until that one that’s currently running ends its present cycle. Once it stops running, set your thermostat to “off.” After that, give your HVAC system five minutes or more before switching from heat to AC, or vice versa.

3. Don’t try to rush the process.

Don’t be tempted to turn your thermostat up or down to an extreme temperature. This won’t help your system warm or cool your home any faster. In fact, this will just cause the system to run for much longer than necessary, giving it unnecessary wear and tear and causing it to use extra energy.

Instead, only adjust your thermostat by a few degrees at a time. This will allow your system to “catch up” without overworking itself or running up your energy bill. If you’re looking to save some extra money, the Dept. of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat at 68°F during winter while you’re awake at home and lower while you’re away or sleeping. During summer, the recommended temperature is 78°F while you’re at home and higher while you’re away.

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