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Do I Need to Refill My Freon?

No. Despite what anyone says, you do not need to refill or replace the Freon in your home’s A/C unit. Manipulative HVAC companies love to inform you that Freon is what will help keep your air cool. But, in all reality, Freon should only be refilled if there’s a leak in your system. It is very rare for a unit to experience a leak in its first 5-10 years of operation. And even then, if there is a leak, more Freon may not be the right answer. In some cases, your HVAC repair person can replace the leak with a new part that results in your unit still running at an efficient level. This task avoids more Freon being added to your A/C unit.

What Is Freon?

Freon is a type of gas that is used in any sort of appliance that helps keep items or spaces cool. When the gas is plugged into an appliance – in this case, an A/C unit – it goes through an evaporation process in order to help cool circulated air that eventually blows into the designated space. While Freon is closely associated with the cooling of your house, it’s hard to say it’s the only factor. This is why you should question any HVAC professional who immediately jumps to Freon being the solution to all issues.

What Is a Freon Recharge?

A Freon recharge is a term coined by HVAC professionals that refers to refilling your unit’s system with more Freon. It’s a popular annual stunt in the industry. Some companies will advise their customers to recharge their unit’s Freon before every summer in order to ensure cool air all season long. The reality? If your unit needs Freon every spring it probably has more issues than meets the eye. Whether it’s a leak or a low fan speed, you’re probably getting duped into spending more money on what’s only a temporary solution. A Freon recharge is almost always unnecessary and will only cost you more money in the long run.

How Do I Know Freon Isn’t My Issue?

Two major signs indicate your HVAC professional might be bending the truth when it comes to the need for a Freon recharge. A couple of dishonest aspects to be aware of are the duration of the visit and industry experience.

Duration of Visit

The standard HVAC maintenance does not take just 5 to 10 minutes. If you schedule a company to come out and examine your A/C unit, they shouldn’t be able to reach a conclusion within a matter of minutes. It takes time. This is a multi-step process. They’ll most likely have to take apart your unit, evaluate each working part, and look for leaks, cracks, or any clogs. A quick visit is a major red flag. If this happens, you should take note of how fast they worked and consider all of the possible issues they could have missed in such a short time frame.

Industry Experience

Everyone must start somewhere, but when it comes to Freon, industry experience is crucial. The biggest advocates of Freon are newer companies that are trying to profit and make a name for themselves. They seem to think that if they can convince their customers to use Freon once a year, they can rely on major profits every spring. Experienced HVAC professionals will do what’s best for the customer’s livelihood, not what’s best for their pockets.

Schedule Your Service

If you’re looking for a company you can trust, be sure to contact our team of HVAC professionals today. We promise not to steer you down the never-ending hole of Freon recharges. Instead, we’ll offer you an honest assessment that’s in your best interest. There’s nothing that makes us happier than knowing our customers received top-notch service that takes care of them for years to come.