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Is Geothermal Heating an Option for My Home This Winter?

With the cool weather already arriving, many people are thinking about how they will keep their homes warm when the winter cold strikes. For homeowners considering having an entirely new heating system put in, a geothermal heat pump might be on the list… but probably down low. This isn’t because geothermal is unpopular, but because it is intimidating. People often believe installation of a geothermal system is simply impractical for their home and property, or that it is financially out of reach.

If you have geothermal on your list of “maybes,” we think you should bump it up a few slots. Call our team today, and we think you’ll be surprised at the possibilities when it comes to geothermal installation.

Geothermal Is an Excellent Choice for Heating

Let’s start with an upfront fact: geothermal is a terrific way to heat a home. Heat pumps have a reputation for losing efficiency during deep cold weather, and it’s true… but only for “air-source” heat pumps that use the outside air as a heat exchange medium. Geothermal systems are “ground-source,” which means they use the stable heat from the ground below the frost line as their medium for heat exchange. Where an air-source heat pump will struggle extracting heat from icy, chilly air, a geothermal heat pump has access to the warm temperatures underground. This makes a geothermal system extremely reliable no matter the temperature outdoors.

Geothermal Is More Flexible Today Than Ever

What about the space requirements for a geothermal system? They need to have buried refrigerant loops to harness heat, and that takes up room. But current technology makes geothermal loop placement more flexible. Installers can place the loops in a vertical configuration that allows them to be put on smaller properties. If you arrange for an appointment with geothermal professionals, you can find out if your home and property are suitable for installation.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC provides geothermal installation in Whittier, NC.