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Do Geothermal Systems Need Regular Fall Maintenance?

When it comes to furnaces, people generally understand that these heaters need annual inspections and tune-ups each fall to make sure they are ready to handle the rigors of winter (whether people actually remember to schedule the inspections each fall is another matter). But what about other types of heating systems, specifically geothermal heat pumps? Is it as important that a geothermal heating and cooling system receive fall maintenance every year, or can it instead have its inspections and tune-ups on a less regular schedule?

Yes, Fall Maintenance Is Critical for Geothermal Heat Pumps

The simple answer to the question is that no matter what type of heating system you have, it must receive maintenance in the fall. It doesn’t matter if it’s a furnace, an air-source heat pump, a ductless mini-split, or a geothermal heat pump.

Geothermal systems have extremely long lifespans, with the underground loops often lasting more than half a century. But they also suffer from wear and tear like any other type of heat pump. The indoor components of a geothermal system are very similar to those of an air-source heat pump, with a refrigerant coil, blower fan, motors, capacitors, etc. Since you run the heat pump throughout the summer to keep your home cool, these components will already have significant amounts of wear on them that maintenance will alleviate.

Regular maintenance also checks on the operation of the outdoor components of a geothermal system. The manifold needs to have a thorough inspection, and the technicians will also check that the water and anti-freeze mix inside the ground loops hasn’t declined because of leaks. You can only get that 50+ years of service from the ground loops if you have the system checked regularly.

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