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How the Size of Your AC Affects Its Performance

Thumbs upWe have all heard someone say that “bigger is better” at some point. Whether it’s in reference to a piece of machinery or a pizza, there are many cases in which, yes, bigger is better. However, there really should be a “sometimes” or “often” in that phrase. Why make that qualification? Because, at least in terms of whole-house air conditioning systems, too big is no better than too small! Proper air conditioning sizing is a must.

That is why you should leave your AC installation services in Atlanta to our technicians. When we install your air conditioner, we are not just going to help you choose a good system. We’re not even going to settle for installing that system right every step of the way. In between these two steps, we’ll make the calculations necessary to ensure that your air conditioner is actually of the right size for your home. Only then can you count on your system giving you the best performance possible.

The Trouble with an Undersized Air Conditioner

Okay, great! You’ve got your brand new central air conditioning system in place. You turn it on and wait. And wait. And wait. Okay, things feel a little bit cooler, but you start to realize that your air conditioner is running and running and running, but the house still isn’t all that comfortable. Not a good sign,  right?

Of course not. An undersized air conditioner is going to struggle to cool your home effectively. Those areas furthest from the air handler may turn into hot spots. You’ll undoubtedly see your energy costs really start to rise, as your system is just contending with a cooling demand that it is beyond its realistic capabilities.

This type of strain is going to increase wear and tear on the system, too, which means that it may well increase the risk of damage to your system. Fortunately for you, you are not going to find yourself in this scenario when you work with us. So, after reviewing this, when is bigger better?

Bigger Is Only Better When Bigger Is Justified

If you have an undersized air conditioner then, technically, a bigger system would be better. The trouble is that too many homeowners go in the opposite direction. This means that wanting to guarantee that their system will handle its job, they run into the open arms of a system that is too big for their needs.  And that really is no better than trying to cool your home with an undersized system.

If your air conditioner is too big for your home, it can actually wind up cooling your home too quickly. When that happens, though it may sound like a good thing, the system is going to short cycle. Short cycling occurs when the system starts up and then cycles back down too frequently. This wastes a lot of energy, as starting a system up consumes more energy than running it properly does, and puts a lot of excess wear and tear on the system. The bottom line? Contact us when you need AC installation services.

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