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How Capacitors Work in an Air Conditioner

In towns like Atlanta, air conditioning systems are as important as running water. Hot muggy summers can turn your house into a steam bath without a reliable air conditioning system to help you through it. When repairs are needed, a good service can be your best friend, though it helps to understand some of the basics of air conditioner operation so that you have a better idea of why things go wrong. Take the capacitor, for instance. It’s a vital part of the air conditioning system and when it runs into trouble, it usually requires the services of a professional to repair or replace.

How Capacitors Run Your Air Conditioner

The capacitor works in conjunction with the compressor and the fan motor. It’s used to store an electrical charge, though the exact purpose of the charge varies depending upon the capacitor.  Run capacitors work to maintain a regular voltage for the components to which they are connected, as well as increasing the torque (the force of rotation) when the motor or compressor first starts up. Start capacitors are more limited, and are just used to provide torque for the start up. They shut down once the air conditioner is running.

In both cases, a faulty capacitor means that your air conditioner won’t start up, or at best will start up under extreme strain and duress. Without the compressor, the refrigerant gas can’t create cool air and without the fan motor, that cool air won’t be blown into your home. The good news is that a trained technician can usually repair or replace the capacitor without a whole lot of fuss. He or she needs to test the voltage and find the correct rating, as well as the proper microfarad rating for the part. Once he or she has that information, electricity can be turned off for the unit and the capacitor can be repaired or replaced.

Here in Atlanta, air conditioning repair can’t afford to fall down on the job. We pride ourselves on our reliability, for your capacitor or any other problem your air conditioner might have. Call us today and let us show you what we can do!

For more on how capacitors work in an air conditioner, or to schedule an appointment to get yours repaired, call the experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.