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Are Solar Panels Hard to Repair?

Monday, July 21st, 2014

These thoughts might have occurred to you when you looked at a large array of solar panels pointing toward the sky from the roof of a house or from a large industrial enclosure: “Wouldn’t it be very easy for those things to break if something fell on them? And how difficult would it be to have the damage repaired?”

We understand the concern; the workings of solar power are not yet common knowledge (although with the increase of solar installation, they may become so soon), and the photovoltaic (PV) panels look like they might be fragile.

We’ll get to the bottom of solar panel repair and its difficulty to show you the sort of investment you can expect when you decide to hook up your home for solar energy.

For installation, maintenance, and solar repair in Marietta, GA, look to the trained and certified specialists at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. Call us today!

Solar panels and repair needs

Solar power systems are incredibly durable, and because they contain few moving parts, they rarely need repairs of any kind. A solar power array can last for many years, enduring far longer than standard electrical and fuel-powered systems.

The principle concern with solar power is damage inflicted on the PV panels. However, the covers over the panels are flexible and highly damage-resistant. A simple hard rain will do no major injury to them. It requires more extreme weather conditions, falling branches, and tossed stones to inflict damage that can crack the casing over the PV cells and stop them from working. In some cases, the mounting frame for the panels and the cables holding the frame can come loose; although this will need repair, it is highly unlikely that the entire frame will break away from the top of the roof.

When breaks on the covers occur, the repair work is not difficult for a professional. The solar expert will go onto to roof and inspect which of the panels have broken covers, and then check to see if the PV cells are still working. If they are, the repair technician only needs to replace the cover or patch the cracks. The technician will also check for loose connections and repair them.

In cases of non-working PV cells, the cell will need replacement. Again, this is not a difficult procedure and should only take a short time.

In general, you can expect to have fewer repair calls for your solar power system than you ever did for your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner. With proper solar installation in Marietta, GA, solar repair will be a rare occurrence. Make sure to have the skilled solar experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems take care of your solar installation, maintenance, and repair work.

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Measuring Space for Solar Installation

Monday, July 7th, 2014

The number one concern that most homeowners have when it comes to solar panel installation is: “Do I have enough space for it?”

The image in the popular imagination connected to solar energy is of huge arrays of solar panels, sometimes lengthy rows and rows of them, tilted up toward the sun. But this image isn’t realistic, at least not when it comes to the more modest power needs of a home. You may think that you have insufficient roof space for a solar power system, but when you call up experts in solar installation in Atlanta, GA, you might be surprised to learn about the possibilities.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems specializes in finding solar energy solutions for homes. We offer a number of products that use solar power, including the SunSource Home Energy System, which is a complete heating and air conditioning system.

Our experts will help you measure the space needed for the photovoltaic panels to see how best to supply you with the efficient power of the Sun. Contact us today to learn more.

Solar installation and roof space

The number and size of photovoltaic panels necessary for a home depends on electrical needs. If you only plan to install a solar water heater—which is a very good “gateway” product for solar power—you will require a much smaller amount of roof-real estate. However, you may have room on the roof to power your whole home.

First, you and the installer will determine how much energy your home uses, or how much of that energy you want to power through the solar panels. Second, you must determine the amount of Sun exposure your home receives, which depends on average weather but also upon a home’s position. Third, the efficiency of the PV panels themselves is factored in. The most efficient panels on the market today use approximately 21% of the Sun’s energy, although less expensive ones use around 15%.

For example: if you want to power about half of your home’s electrical needs using solar energy, and you use 48 kilowatt-hours of energy per day and have average sun exposure, you would need about…

See, here’s the thing… we still don’t know exactly. There are too many factors to consider. System can have from 1 to 15 solar panels, depending on efficiency and solar exposure. However, although we don’t know now, we can find out. When you hire solar experts for your installation, they will take all the factors available to determine the exact measurement of the solar panels necessary to get the job done.

Don’t let solar installation in Atlanta, GA frighten you off: with a call to Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we will take over the hard number-crunching to discover out how much roof space you need to have the solar energy solution you want—and we’ll take care of the installation job so your PV panels will work their best.

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Products to Consider for Your Home

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Solar energy is a relatively new technology that is still coming into its own. During the Bryson City, NC summer, it can be a great pleasure to know that we are not simply blocking the radiant energy of the sun, but actually harnessing it. Not only does this lead to long-term savings, but it also offers a way of living ecologically in tune with the season. There are an increasing number of solar products on the market today worth your consideration. For more information about how the energy of the sun can reduce your bills without sacrificing your comfort, call the Bryson City solar product experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today!

  • SunSource system: The Lennox SunSource™ system gathers the energy of the sun with photovoltaic (PV) panels to power a complete heating and air conditioning system, as well as to supply electrical energy when it’s not being used for cooling. It is a comprehensive system. If your system is not in use, it uses solar energy to send back to the utility company to receive a credit on your electricity bills. The SunSource™ system uses what’s called a grid-tied PV system and you can add solar modules at your convenience to improve the quantity of solar energy your home can harness.
  • Solar water heaters: Instead of PV panels, solar water heaters use a solar collector, which is a large insulated box coated in glazing, which maximizes heat retention. Coolant circulates through tubes within this box, and these convert solar rays into usable heat. You have a standard storage tank, which has a heat exchanger or direct coil heater. The solar water heater is designed for up to 1 hour of continuous hot water usage. You can support it with a backup gas or electric water heater, so that you don’t have to worry about whether it’s bright enough outside to take a hot shower.

Using solar energy is an excellent solution to summer heat and humidity and rising energy costs. For solar products in Bryson City, NC, call the pros at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today! 

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Solar Panel Maintenance in Atlanta

Monday, November 5th, 2012

As the green movement gains momentum and more people are looking for eco-friendly ways to heat and power their homes solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular. There are a number of reasons why someone may choose a solar energy system for their home. For some it is strictly a sense of environmental responsibility that makes them decide to go solar. For others it is a feeling of sustainability and independence that comes with being on the grid. Many people are simply looking for innovative methods and technologies to lower utility bills. Whatever the reason you choose to go solar in your Atlanta home, it is important that your solar energy system is installed, maintained and serviced only by qualified professionals such as those at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

Depending on how you have your solar energy system set up and what you use it for, professional maintenance will consist of different steps. You may have ductwork that will be inspected or a water heater in need of a tune up. When it comes to the solar panels themselves, though, there is one basic maintenance step that you yourself can take to get the best performance possible from them. Simply keep your solar panels clean.

Solar panels are great because they have very low maintenance needs. Keeping them clean is a surprisingly effectively, incredibly easy way to boost the efficiency of your solar panel system. Because of the way that they absorb solar energy the cleaner these solar panels are the better they are able to do their job. That is why it is necessary to keep them as clean as possible. Dirt and dust can accumulate on your solar panels, blocking the sun’s rays from their surface. Falling leaves may become lodged on them, and there is always the possibility of bird droppings to worry about. A quick rinse with a garden hose or a once-over with a squeegee can help eliminate these problems. Be sure never to use harsh detergents on your solar panels, as this can damage the cells.

If you have tracking panels on your roof you may require a bit more maintenance to keep your solar panels’ moving parts in good working condition, but for stationary panels a quick visual inspection and regular cleaning will keep things operating efficiently. If you have any other questions about your solar panels be sure to call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for answers. We’ll help you get the most out of your solar energy system at your Atlanta home.

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Control Your Thermostat on a Smart phone or PC!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Wireless Thermostat Control

The Future Is Here

Innovative home temperature control systems go beyond home efficiency. With remote temperature control you can manage your home’s energy efficiency with the easy-to-use touch screen. Limit energy waste and save money on your home energy bills when you raise the temperature of your air-conditioner or lower the temperature of your heating system while you are sleeping or away from home. Then, schedule your air-conditioning temperature to lower or your heating to increase prior to waking or when you are on your way home.

With a wireless remote temperature control, you can manage your home’s thermostat from the convenience of your web-enabled computer or mobile phone. The system even allows your schedule recurring events. For example, you can set your thermostat to automatically come on or go off at a different time each day. Simple set the schedule for the week and the home management system will do the rest. Know what is going on in your home even when you are away.

Why Customers Like It
• Easy to operate
• Manage your home thermostat while away from home
• Allows you to manage your home’s energy efficiency
* Great for second homes

Who Is It For?
• Any home or business owner who wants to stay connected and who wants to have access to their home comfort system 24/7.

Learn More

* Contact Premier Indoor Comfort for more information on how this wireless system can save you time and money. At Premier we offer top quality air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality and water heater services throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Are you looking to install a top of the line energy efficient home heating and cooling system? As us about geothermal and solar options!


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