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Are You Experiencing Uneven Heating in Your Home? Here’s What You Can Do!

We’re expecting to have colder weather arrive earlier this year rather than later, so home heating systems should soon be turning on. When the heater in your home starts to work on a regular basis, be on the lookout for issues from uneven heating. If some rooms feel colder than they should be, you might have trouble with a broken heating system that will need repair work.

However, if you’ve always had problems with uneven heating in your home, there are some steps you should take.

  • First, make sure that the trouble isn’t from air leaks to the outside in some of the rooms. See that windows are caulked and there are no other places where heat is allowed to get out easily. You may need to have new insulation put in.
  • Second, look around the rooms of your house to see if there are vents that are covered over or have their registers closed. Moving around furniture and carpet during the fall can sometimes block the vents and stop warm air from getting in.
  • Third, contact ventilation experts, as the problem might come from leaks inside the air ducts that are letting the warm air escape before it reaches the vents. Duct testing will discover if you have leaky air ducts, which can then be professionally repaired.
  • Fourth, consider having a zone control system installed into the ducts. Zone control allows you a better way to manipulate how heat reaches the rooms, and you can better balance air flow.
  • Fifth, have the heating system replaced. In some cases, it’s simpler to just get rid of an old heater and put in one with higher heating power that can better distribute warmth.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC has all the heating services (as well as duct service) you need for even heat throughout your home in Peachtree City, GA.