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3 Steps to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Stuffy and pollutant-choked indoor air is unfortunately an issue that affects many contemporary homes. The heat sealing around most residential buildings that keeps them energy efficient during both hot and cold weather also restricts the movement of fresh air, and this can have a powerfully negative affect on the air quality. If you are looking for a way to improve your home’s air quality, but have no idea where to start, we have some advice you can follow. Call on professionals to help you through these three steps so that you be assured that you will have the final results you desire.

1. Schedule duct cleaning

The first step is to have the air ducts of your home given a professional cleaning. Chances are high that you haven’t scheduled this job in a few years—if you’ve ever schedule it at all. The build-up inside the ducts after only two years can be substantial, and all that dust, lint, pollen, dander, etc. will get blown out into your air whenever you turn the AC or heater on. Getting rid of this reservoir for contaminants is an important first step for better air quality.

2. Have purifiers/filters installed

Next, have the professionals who cleaned your ducts analyze what sort of pollutants are causing the most trouble in your air. They can then suggest the air filters or electronic air purifiers (or even UV air purifiers) that will eliminate them. With these air cleaning devices installed, you’ll have a guard against future air contamination.

3. Have the humidity balanced

Your home’s indoor air may be too damp or too dry. The IAQ experts will find out if either is the case and then handle installing a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier.

At the end of these three steps (and you may not need to have all three done), you should have a house free of most the problems that cause unhealthy and uncomfortable indoor air.

To reach indoor air quality specialists in Bryson City, NC, pick up the phone can contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC.