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Servicing all of Metro Atlanta & Western North Carolina


Heating and Air Conditioning Services by Premier in Franklin, NC

Heating Service in Franklin, NC

Since 1999, Premier has been offering heating services in the Franklin, NC area. When the winter rolls around you want to know that your heating system will keep you comfortable. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has many years of experience working with all major brands and types of heating system, including furnaces, radiant floor heating systems, high velocity mini duct systems and ductless mini split heating systems. To ensure your heating system, whether new or existing, continues to operate at peak efficiency, Premier offers heating repair services and our technicians are available 24/7for heating emergencies.

Our Home Cooling System Services

An air conditioning system that is high efficiency, reliable, and properly sized for your home is a must, especially in Franklin when it gets hot and humid. Whether you need a brand new air conditioning system installed or if you need air conditioning repairs, Premier is here for you. We offer comprehensive air conditioning services including installation, maintenance and repair for all major brands and air conditioning systems.

We Repair Air Conditioners

Air conditioning repair is one of our specialties. We remain at the ready when it comes to fixing the most common air conditioning problems as well as those mysterious ones that seem to arise from time to time. Whatever may be wrong with your central AC or heat pump, you can rely on our friendly staff to schedule an appointment and get your system back on track. 

We Sell, Install and Service Water Heaters in Franklin, NC

The water heater is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in the home. It’s hard to imagine what your indoor plumbing system would be like without a constant and bountiful supply of hot water coursing through the entire piping system and at every tap and appliance. In addition to our many HVAC products and services, we offer high quality tank and tankless water heaters for installation, and our technicians are also available for water heater repair and maintenance as well.

Call Premier Indoor Comfort today for immediate heating and air conditioning services you can rely on for your home - whether you need a new system installed or ongoing maintenance and repair services for existing systems.

  • Geothermal - Geothermal heating and air conditioning is increasingly a popular alternative to fuel-based heating systems and traditional air conditioning. We offer comprehensive geothermal services in Franklin, including installation of geothermal loops, installation of geothermal heat pumps and much more. Call us today to learn more about geothermal installation, maintenance or repair services in your area.
  • Solar - Another very effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the efficiency of your home is to have a solar energy system installed. We offer solar energy services for a wide variety of different options, including water heating, heating, air conditioning, or your full electrical system.
  • Water Heaters - Water heating is a necessity, so if a problem develops with your water heater, contact the experts at Premier. We offer a full range of water heater installation, repair and maintenance services. Call us today to learn about our tank and tankless water heater services.