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Why Schedule Heating Repair in Swain County, NC for “Minor” Problems?

With a device as complex as a heating system, you can expect to experience occasional small malfunctions. Some of these you can fix yourself, such as when a circuit breaker gets tripped. But if it’s something you can’t remedy on your own, you might feel tempted to ignore it. If it doesn’t seem to affect the heating level or general performance of your heater, you might think it’s okay to let it go until later, when you need repair for something larger.

But “something larger” might happen because of the minor fault. Small issues in heaters can eventually turn into large issues that require expensive repairs… or even an entire system replacement. You need repairs done for all problems with your heater, no matter how unimportant they may seem.

If you need any kind of heating repair in Swain County, NC, call on Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, where no fix is too small.

Here’s a good example of a “minor” problem with a heating system that shows how serious they can get. You detect a small leak in one of the boiler pipes. It doesn’t seem too bad, so you place a bucket underneath to catch the excess water so it won’t get into the house’s structure—and then you forget about it. However, it turns out the cause of the leak is increasing pressure inside the boiler tank because of sediment build-up. Cracked underground pipes, out of your sight, have let dirt and gravel into the tank, which raises the temperature as the water gets less space. This problem might eventually cause the tank to rupture and need replacement.

This is a case where the small problem is the visible part of a larger problem. A small problem might also cause a domino effect that triggers further trouble. With forced air systems, bent fan blades can start striking other components and damage them. A clogged air filter will let in debris that will contaminate the unit interior—and the filter might even collapse and fall into the unit! Malfunctioning thermostats could make a heater overwork, hastening wear and tear and the need for repair.

We hope we’ve convinced you to pay attention to any problem that develops in your home heater. If you can’t find a user error source for the problem, or a simple cause like a tripped circuit breaker, you need to call an HVAC professional to diagnose what’s wrong and fix it.

Place even your smallest needs for heating repair in Swain County, NC in the hands of Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. We offer free estimates.