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Why Does an AC Unit Even Produce Water?

Water, Water Everywhere…

With Spring just a few weeks away from this very mild winter, the temperatures will begin to warm up. In Georgia that means you might need that AC running a bit early this year. Hopefully you have been maintaining your system.

If you haven’t, just hope you don’t find water leaking from your unit. When water leaks from an AC unit, it can be a sign of a serious problem that could potentially damage your home.

Why Does an AC Unit Even Produce Water?

An AC unit cools and dehumidifies air at the same time. A blower blows air across the coils, which then take liquid refrigerant and convert it to gas while removing heat and moisture from the air. When it is working properly this system produces liquid waste that drips off the coils and into a collection pan under the unit. It then flows outdoors in PVC piping .If any part of the process is stifled, you may begin to have problems and your unit will begin to malfunction and leak water.

Why Does an AC Unit Leak?

There are several reasons why an AC unit might leak, and often the causes are preventable with regularly scheduled maintenance. A good technician visit can make the difference between catching a problem early and spending about two hundred dollars, and spending thousands of dollars on an AC Repair. Because the drainage system is always full of moisture, there is a high chance for algae or other growth to clog the drain. This can cause the waste water to back-up and flood. This is again, where routine maintenance comes into play.

Another common reason for AC leakage is poor installation. If a unit is not installed correctly and the drainage hookups are only loosely connected, this can cause a major issue. Additionally, if the unit isn’t leveled at installation, the water will start to collect in the pan rather than drain correctly.

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