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The 3 Repairs We Perform All the Time on Thermostats

While you may not realize it, many of the Robbinsville heating repairs we perform are caused by issues with the thermostat. Usually, these issues can be remedied by a simple repair or adjustment. Always check the thermostat first if your heater isn’t working properly. Here are some common issues and thermostat repairs that we perform here at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

We get many calls from customers telling us that the screen on their digital interface thermostat has gone blank. Always check the make sure the thermostat is on and that a fuse hasn’t blown in your electric box. Once you check the fuse box, make sure that the circuit breaker to your heating system is on. If this isn’t the problem, give us a call.

Loose Electrical Wire

If you suspect that your thermostat has a loose connection wire, always call a Robbinsville, NC heating technician. Trying to fix this yourself could cause personal injury and damage to the thermostat or wiring if you don’t know what you are doing. A technician can easily check to see that the wires are connected correctly when we come to your home. We will also test the thermostat to make sure that it is accurate and working correctly since loose wires can affect the thermostat display.

Relocating Thermostat or Recalibrating the Voltage

If it is determined that the thermostat is not working accurately, it may need to be relocated. If it was installed in an area with a lot of natural light, this can cause false readings. We may also need to re-calibrate line voltage, which can be done during an annual tune-up if the technician detects an issue with thermostat readings.

If your heating system isn’t providing enough heat, it could be that the thermostat is set on the wrong setting or not turned up enough. Make sure that you have your thermostat on the right settings. Newer digital and programmable thermostats are user-friendly and should come with detailed instructions in the owner’s manual on how to properly operate your heating system.

Call the Robbinsville, NC heating experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for all your thermostat needs.