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Should I Wait for a Breakdown Before Scheduling Heating Repair?

Georgia enjoys mild winters, but we still experience stretches of uncomfortable cold when we need to have our home heating systems working their best. No matter how well we maintain our heaters, sometimes they will need repairs… and sometimes they will break down.

As with anything mechanical, people often wait for a heater to fail before they seek out repairs. They may sense that something is going wrong inside the heater—perhaps a bizarre rattling noise in the furnace, or a reduction in airflow from the vents—but don’t see it as an issue to address until the heater shuts down completely.

However, if you know something is wrong with your heater, you should never hesitate to call for repairs. We can’t emphasize this enough. Professional repairs from a company like Premier Indoor Comfort Systems will go fast and with little inconvenience to you. The consequences of delaying heating repair in Marietta, GA until a breakdown are too high.

Why you shouldn’t wait for a breakdown

  • Repairs will be more expensive: Catching a single repair need before it spreads will mean a much less expensive repair job than having to replace the entire heater.
  • You won’t have to go without heat: Take it from us, most major heating failures occur on the coldest days of the year—that’s when your heater will get pushed to its limits. You will have uncomfortable hours ahead waiting for repairs, and most HVAC technicians will already have very busy schedules with other emergency work.
  • You might permanently damage your heater: Pushing a system to a breakdown could spell the end of the system entirely, and you will need to have a full replacement. The damage that can occur to a heating system could be catastrophic if you let it go for too long, especially if you have an older heater.
  • It’s potentially hazardous: If you have a gas-powered heating system, like a natural gas furnace, allowing repair needs to go without attention can be dangerous. Never delay with scheduling repairs for gas appliances.

Make sure to schedule regular maintenance as well

Aside from arranging for timely repairs to prevent a breakdown, you should also enroll in a maintenance program with a trusted HVAC contractor. This will keep your heater in good shape with annual check-ups and tune-ups, and decrease your worries about surprise breakdowns.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offers an excellent service plan to take care of your heater, with discounts on repairs and replacements. Call us today to get started on your maintenance and heating repair in Marietta, GA… before your heater gets pushed over its limit.