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Problems with Your Fan Motor

Most central air conditioners contain two major fans: the indoor blower fan and the outdoor condenser fan. These fans play crucial roles in AC’s operation. The indoor fan distributes air throughout the rooms of a house, and both are necessary to move air across the refrigerant coils and execute the heat exchange that makes air conditioning cool down a home.

Motors operate these fans. In older air conditioners, belts attach the motors to the fans. Newer systems have direct motors. Electrical or mechanical issues with the motors will affect fan operation and threaten to lower or stop the AC’s ability to cool. It is good to keep in mind that regularly scheduled maintenance will help in preventing many of the issues highlighted below.

Fixing or replacing fan motors is one of the more common repair jobs the technicians at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems perform. If you need air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA for a malfunctioning fan motor, call us right away.

Problems that Lead to Fan Motor Repair or Replacement

  • Relays stuck open or closed: The relay controls the flow of electrical current to the motor. When it is open, the current stops; when it is closed, the current moves and so does the motor. Relays can be damaged so they become stuck either in the open or closed position, which means the motor will either refuse to turn on or refuse to stop running. Electricians can sometimes clean relays to repair them, but most of the time they will have to replace them.
  • Failing capacitor: The capacitor is a cylindrical component that serves as a short-term battery for the motor. It transmits electrical voltage to start the motor running and keep it running. Each motor has two capacitors: the start capacitor sends the catalyzing voltage, and the run capacitor sends voltage at intervals to maintain motor operation. Capacitors can eventually fail, although they will begin to experience trouble before failure and you may notice the motor stuttering as it turns on, struggling with weak voltage (“hard starting”). Repair technicians will need to replace the aging capacitors.
  • Motor burn-out: If a motor experiences too much stress, either from loss of oil or extra friction from dirt and dust, it will eventually burn-out: the wiring inside the motor casing will fuse and become useless, and the motor will no longer work. Replacement is the only option when a motor burns out.

Motors often send warning signs of impending failure: grinding, groaning, and screeching indicates motors close to burning out while clicking points toward capacitor trouble. If a motor will not start at all or will not stop running, it might be relays—although there are other possible culprits. For the analysis and targeted repairs to solve these problems, contact professionals experienced in air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems aims to deliver 100% satisfaction on each job we handle. Join our family of satisfied customers the next time you need quality repair work.