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One Simple Tip for AC Success

Ductless FilterIn this area, a great performance from your air conditioning system is simply non-negotiable. You need to invest in a good system, and you need to have that system installed by trained, experienced professionals. This is really just the start, though. Even great systems installed by the best technicians around can falter if they are not properly maintained. That is why we offer our Excellence Service Plan (ESP). Enrolling in our ESP makes routine maintenance more convenient than ever, and offers you some bonus incentives, as well.

Even annual maintenance can come up short in one particular area, though. This is in changing out your air filter. Yes, we will change your clean your air filter as needed during a full AC tune-up. However, once a year just is not enough. You need to change your filter regularly, typically every 1 – 3 months. In fact, when it comes to getting a great performance from your home cooling system, there is no better task to complete on your own. 

How a Dirty Filter Affects Air Conditioners

Oh, come on. They’re just trying to sell me filter replacements I don’t need.

Not true. At all. In fact, you don’t have to go through—nor should you go through—an HVAC contractor like us to get your air filter replacements. Any decent hardware store should have what you’re looking for. We are sharing this information with you because a dirty filter can actually have some very negative implications for your air conditioner in Roswell, GA. Implications like:

  • Reduced energy efficiency. The dirtier that your air filter is, the greater the amount of airflow resistance it creates. The greater the airflow resistance in your system, the harder your system has to work. And, the harder your system has to work, the more energy it uses. That’s where you’ll start to see one of the most obvious signs of dirty filter troubles: in your energy bill!
  • Reduced indoor air quality. A common misconception is that this air filter is there to improve indoor air quality throughout the home. That’s not really accurate. The function of this standard filter is to protect the AC from the buildup of pollutants. If the filter is dirty enough, though, pollutants that it would have captured can be forced around the frame and wind up in your home.
  • Short cycling. Short cycling is what we call it when a system starts up and runs only very briefly before cycling back down again. This is not the way that an air conditioner is meant to run, and it can cause problems. If properly sized and installed, an AC should run in full, even cycles. If the short cycling is a new development in a system that used to run fine, a very dirty air filter could be causing it to overheat. Changing the filter can resolve the problem if this is indeed the case.

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