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Is Your Old AC “Too Old?”

Old outdoor AC unitWe get it, it’s a touchy subject. Your AC has been with you through tough times. From those scorching heatwaves to the days where you just couldn’t stop sweating, to even the days where you just needed some cool air after a long day of work. Sometimes your AC is a better friend than—well, let’s face it—your friends! Though, unlike your more human friends, an AC might start costing you more money than it’s worth if you’re not careful.

That’s right, an old air conditioner might be way less efficient than newer counterparts. Not only that, but it could be costing you an extraordinary amount of money to perform air conditioning repair in Milton, GA because of how old your system is! So, with that in mind, we’d like to talk about the common AC age cutoff and whether you should consider replacing “old yeller.”

No, your dog is fine, remember that we’re talking about air conditioners here!

How Old is “Old?”

Well, if you’re starting to sweat and your AC is less than 10 years old (and has been properly maintained), you might want to relax. Go take a load off, you’ve still got a few good years left on your system before you really have to panic. For everyone else, air conditioners last about 10-15 years in the best condition. In the 10-15 year range, it’s usually pretty cost-effective to replace your air conditioner. However, an AC that’s 15 years old or more might be costing you a lot of money and is in definite need of replacement.

I Don’t Know How Old My AC Is!

If you’re unsure as to how old your AC is, don’t worry about it. The outdoor cabinet of your system has a nameplate located on the back. It should have the manufacturing date listed on it. If not, there should even be a model and serial number that you can record and find online.

The Cost of Repairing an Ancient AC

So, here’s a great industry-wide tip that we’ll let you know about to more accurately determine whether or not your AC needs to be replaced. We call this the “repair cost test,” which examines the overall costs to repair your aging AC.

  1. Every time your AC needs repairs, ask the technician for an estimate.
  2. Multiply the cost of the estimate by the age of the air conditioner.
  3. If the combined dollar amount is more than half the cost of a replacement system, it’s time to upgrade.

Anyone single repair should never cost more than half of the price of a replacement AC. However, if your system is constantly requiring expensive fixes, it will quickly become more trouble than it’s worth. If you need help, there’s no need to walk this road alone.

Our certified HVAC technicians are always there to help you weigh the pros and cons of repairing your old AC against buying a new one. Sometimes having that second opinion can give you the confidence you need to know you’re making a good call.