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HVAC Tips: Cutting Heating Costs

hot-and-cold-housesWhat’s better than living in great comfort during even the chilliest nights and hottest days of the year? Doing so in the most affordable and efficient manner possible, of course. Regardless of what type of system you use or what its precise efficiency rating may be, the fact is that no one is going to want to overpay to heat and/or cool his or her home. The harsh reality is that far too many homeowners are sacrificing energy efficiency each and every day, though—even if they don’t know it.

The good news? The Canton, GA HVAC pros that you can trust are here to help! While we cannot somehow boost the efficiency rating that your heater or AC was manufactured to adhere to, we can help you to keep that particular system operating at as close to this level as possible. Even better, we have some tips to help you yourself cut back on energy costs, without also dialing back your own comfort.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

You don’t have to replace an entire heating and cooling system to boost energy efficiency. Obviously, a full system replacement with more efficient components will increase overall efficiency. Much more minor upgrades, however, such as replacing your thermostat, can also have major benefits.

If you use an old manual thermostat, you can upgrade to even a basic digital model and start setting temperatures more accurately. That alone is enough to increase efficiency. Of course, opting for a programmable model means that you can schedule your HVAC system’s operation around your own schedule. You don’t have to choose between affordability and coming home to an uncomfortable house anymore.

Increase Insulation/Add Weatherstripping

Do you have to run your heater or AC more than you’d like just because one or two spots in your home are not comfortable? It could be an issue with system design or sizing, but it could also just mean that our home is not sufficiently insulated. Allowing professionals to add insulation to your home as needed is a great way of preventing unwanted heat gain.

You should also consider adding weatherstripping to windows and door frames if they are very drafty. Replacing your windows is obviously the best option for long-term planning. However, a quick fix with some basic materials from the hardware store is an affordable way to at least address the problem until you have it fully resolved.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then this one should definitely come as no surprise to you. We take every chance that we can to remind our clientele of just how important routine HVAC maintenance really is. That is why we offer a great maintenance plan, as well.

Not only does having your heater and AC tuned up each and every year mean that it will function more efficiently, but it also keeps your system functioning properly and can help to keep repair needs at bay. This is just another way that the maintenance program benefits you.

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