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Don’t Let Indoor Air Pollution Ruin Your Summer

When you work hard to cool the air in your home during the summer, the last thing you want to do is introduce warm fresh air from outdoors into your house. Indoor air pollution can be particularly difficult to combat during the summer months because our homes are built to be energy-efficient and airtight. The same technology and effort used to trap your cool air inside also seals in dust, pet dander, and lifestyle pollutants from air fresheners and cleaning chemicals. Your indoor air quality could be worse than the pollution outdoors if you don’t take steps to combat the problem. Air quality concerns pose a serious health concern for those with allergies or chronic upper respiratory conditions. With a combination of lifestyle changes and installed devices, you can improve the air quality in your home without incurring significant expenses.

5 Tips to Combat Indoor Air Pollution

Before scheduling device installations or duct cleaning with one of our air quality specialists, there are changes you can make around your home to improve your indoor air quality this summer. We work hard to fight pathogens and germs during the winter months, but the challenge turns towards combating allergens, dust, and mold created by increased humidity and trapped air during summer. Summer indoor air quality concerns can be frustrating and challenging to control over the long-term, but with smart choices and preventable measures, homeowners can make significant strides to protect their homes and families.

  • Reduce Indoor Exposure Levels: One of the first lines of defense when protecting your home from indoor air pollution and toxins is to reduce or eliminate what is brought into your home. Toxins and pollutants can come into your home on your hands, shoes, and clothing. You can reduce exposure within your home by not wearing outdoor shoes indoors and washing hands immediately upon arriving home.
  • Regular Indoor Cleaning: When the summer months become busy, it’s easy for household cleaning to take a backseat to other important tasks. Even if you can’t manage daily household cleaning, you need to conduct regular cleaning to eliminate germs, toxins, and pathogens, like Covid-19 from your home. You should also conduct deep cleanings using EWG-safe products that won’t add to the chemicals in your household air.
  • Strategically Increase Outdoor Airflow: Introducing fresh air into your home will let the stale air out and create circulation in your home. Airing your home out with regularity will help eliminate any pollution, germs, or pathogens trapped in your home.
  • Add Some Greenery: Household plants serve as nature’s air purifiers. The right mixtures of household plants can clean the air around your home and serve as beautifying additions to your home décor.
  • Add HEPA Filters to Your HVAC System: It’s important always to clean your HVAC filter. The dirt, dust, and dander that invades your home is trapped by your filter, and if it’s dirty, it can’t prevent allergens from polluting your home. You can also prevent allergens from impacting your indoor air quality by improving the quality of your HVAC filter. Adding a HEPA filter can yield significant improvements to your indoor air quality.

At Premier Indoor Comfort, we provide indoor air quality solutions that can improve or treat the pollution in your home. When you call us, you can count on the job being done right the first time. Call our HVAC specialists today at (770) 268-2422 or contact us online for more information about the products and services we provide.