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Common Problems with Your Air Conditioning in Swain County, NC

As summer fast approaches in Swain County, NC, homeowners throughout the area are inspecting, cleaning, and firing up their air conditioners. Spring is the ideal time for making sure that your AC is primed and ready for the high temperatures and humidity levels. Come July, with stifling temperatures, AC repairs can be frustrating. While all homes are different, there are some common air conditioning problems that we see every year. While routine maintenance can go a long way towards preventing major problems, sometimes you just need professional assistance. For Swain County, NC air conditioning repair, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today!

Let’s take a look at some common air conditioning problems:

  • Dirty or clogged air filter. While the primary function of your air filter is to prevent the passage of noxious particle into your home, when it becomes dirty or clogged, it can actually begin to impede airflow. Not only does this decrease energy efficiency, but it also strains the rest of your system. It can lead to frozen evaporator coils and an overheated blower motor.
  • Inadequate cooling. This is a common complaint. If your AC was properly sized for your home, and you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in its ability to cool, then there may be a problem with your air handler, or, alternatively, a crack or leak in your ductwork. Duct leaks can be tricky and difficult to find without the proper training and equipment.
  • Uneven cooling. If you notice hot spots in your home, then there may be a leak in a particular section of your ductwork or a problem with your thermostat. If you have a zone control system, then it could be one of the
  • Air conditioner won’t start. If you’ve already checked your thermostat, then this could be a thermostat malfunction—it may not be accurately communicating the temperature in your living space.

Unfortunately, like all mechanical systems, your air conditioner will probably need repair at some point of its serviceable life. Make sure you get the professional care your home deserves. Call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for Swain County, NC air conditioning repair today!