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Can A Smart Thermostat Save You Money This Winter?

With utility costs inching up each month, it might be worth the effort to look around your home for ways to save money and conserve energy. One of the most significant sources of energy use during the winter is your home’s heating system. You wouldn’t want to lower your thermostat and freeze inside your house just to save a few bucks, but what if you could make a minor upgrade and improve the efficiency of your heating system? There are many household improvements you could make to reduce the energy consumed by your heating system, but it’s possible none would be as beneficial and low cost as upgrading your thermostat. There are many innovative thermostats on the market, from entry-level digital models to high-tech smart devices. New thermostats have been tested by the US Department of Energy and certified, and they have data to show how much they save homeowners on average. You can review models and choose one most likely to meet your needs.

How Wi-Fi & Smart Thermostat Save the Money from Reduce the Electric Bill
Wi-Fi and smart thermostats can work with your existing system to keep track of your usage habits and monitor the weather using your internet connection. The more information you feed into your thermostat, the more efficiently it can maintain the temperature in your home.

Here are several additional benefits of installing a smart thermostat this winter.

Programmable: You can save money on heating costs by decreasing your thermostat setting by a couple of degrees. It’s typically more comfortable to do this while you aren’t home or during the day when the temperature is higher and you need less heat. A smart thermostat is ideal for this task because you can create a programmed setting and automate the process to happen on a schedule. By scheduling this process, you can ensure your home is comfortable and efficient.

Geographical & Weather Settings: Smart thermostats have innovative new settings like geolocation services that allow a connected thermostat to manage your thermostat based on your location. Connected thermostats also have access to real-time weather conditions, and when enabled, they can make changes to your settings based on the weather conditions.

Extreme Weather Protection: Winter freezes and snow can have terrible consequences if your pipes are exposed or unprotected. When the temperature drops, the water in your pipes can freeze if they are exposed. Smart thermostats can prevent frozen pipes when you add sensors to colder areas of your home. Your thermostat can monitor those areas and alert you when the temperature drops to freezing levels.

Monitor Energy Usage: You may think you are using more energy than you are actually using. In order to make changes to your energy usage, you need to gauge your usage and monitor when you’re using the most energy. A smart thermostat can give you reports of energy usage and highlight areas where you can improve your usage. You can set consumption goals and track to see if you are on track to lower your energy costs.

Maintenance Monitoring: A smart thermostat connected to an unmaintained, inefficient heating system may not yield the results you want. Maintenance is vitally important if you hope to reap the rewards of a highly efficient heating program. Your smart thermostat can track how your heating system performs and alert you to any issues it may notice. You will have the benefit of knowing your system is showing signs of problems before a problem exists.

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