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Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Homeowners in Waynesville, NC know that summer comes quickly and it doesn’t let up well into September. Spring is a wonderful time not only to get organized and clean up, but also to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to perform all summer long. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offers air conditioning maintenance in Waynesville, NCA for all types and brands of systems. These are a few of the ways that you can make sure that your air conditioning system works well throughout the hot, humid summer here in Georgia.

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance in Waynesville, NC

Here are some quick and easy things to do to prep for summer:

  • Clean your air filters. Your air conditioner has air filters that are designed to prevent insects, dust, and other debris from entering your indoor air. Without regularly changing, dirty air filters can actually inhibit the efficiency of your system, causing it to work harder to cool your home. Cleaning your air filters is an easy and inexpensive way to prepare your home for the Waynesville, NC heat.
  • Enroll in a preventive maintenance plan. Routine inspection and maintenance for your air conditioning system is one of the best things you can do for your home’s comfort. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offers comprehensive air conditioning maintenance in Waynesville, NCA, which includes a biannual tune-up, cleaning and safety inspection. It gives our customers peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that their air conditioning is performing to the best of its ability all summer long.
  • Clean the surrounding areas. Your outdoor condenser unit may have attracted various debris and organic matter during its off-season. Make sure that no vegetation is crowding the machine and that it has proper airflow circulation on all sides. Get rid of any twigs, leaves or branches that may cause it to work incorrectly.

Getting air conditioning maintenance in Waynesville, NC is a great way to ensure that you enjoy crisp and cool air during the hottest months of the year. To learn more about our maintenance services, or to schedule a seasonal inspection, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today!

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